Eric Church Sent Chris Janson ‘You, Me & The River’ Demo at 3:30 AM

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for America Salutes You)

The end of April brought the new album All In. It turns out, that Eric Church and Chris Janson got their collab planned in the early morning. The country music duo came together in 2021. Among some flights and a very long night that went into the early hours of the morning, Janson received a message. It was from Chief and it had an audio clip attached to it. At 3:30 a.m. the two worked out the early details behind You, Me & The River.

The song, a modern murder ballad, is a little different from some of the tracks these artists usually put out. However, there is still that sound that lets you know this is a Janson song. The history of murder ballads is rich in country music. It isn’t a surprise to see Janson give it a try with his musical roots making it a no-brainer.

“I landed in the wee hours of the morning back in Nashville and I got a ping on my phone,” Janson explained to Music Row. “It was the work tape of You, Me & The River. Not even a demo, just a guitar vocal of Church singing it. It was really eerie sounding and dark and ominous. He texted me and said ‘This is a little dark, but see what you think about it.'”

After a few messages back and forth, the duet was set. The two were going to make this work.

“It was a really incredible moment. I’ll never forget it,” the singer went on. “Eric came into the studio. We co-produced it together and we recorded it live together with the band. It was really an organic process and really cool. He could not be a greater friend and even mentor in a lot of ways.”

Chris Janson and Eric Church, make sure you check it out.

Chris Janson and Eric Church are Always Trying to Work Together

Leading up to this album, Chris Janson was dying to talk about his Eric Church collabs. The two have started to get quite close with one another. So, earlier this year, that’s exactly what he did. It all started at the 2021 CMA Awards. There were stars walking around everywhere and the two started to hit it off.

“We’re backstage [at the 2021 CMA Awards] standing there, and me and Eric started striking up a conversation. He was like, ‘Man we need to get together sometime. Let’s go fishing.’ I’m thinking, ‘Hell yeah, that’d be awesome.'”

While he thought this was just some nice professionalism from Church at first, it changed quickly. He soon was texting with the iconic singer and making plans. It all culminated in You, Me & The River as well as other work. This might be a duo that we see together for a while. Any chance we see these guys play a show together soon?