Faith Hill Looks Back on 20-Year Anniversary of ‘Cry’ Album

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

On Saturday (October 15), country music songstress Faith Hill took to her Instagram to reflect on Cry while celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album’s release. 

“It is impossible to wrap my head around the fact that 20 years ago to this day my album Cry was released,” Faith Hill stated in the post, which features a snapshot of the record’s cover. “The album that I was lucky enough to make. The album that gave me confidence to perform live. From this album … Cry, Stronger, When the Lights Go Down, Free. Every single song to every single person that played a part in creating this album blew my mind.” 

Faith Hill went on to thank her fans who made the album continue its “journey.” She also shared some big news. “And to that I say… FOR YOU I HAVE A DREAM AND THAT DREAM IS COMING TRUE IN 2023.” 

Faith Hill fans took to the post to celebrate the two-decade-old album. Rita Wilson stated, “Such an incredible album!!! Can’t believe its’ twenty years!!” Morgan Stapleton also declared, “YES! What an album to celebrate!! SO Ready for whatever 2023 is bringing us.” 

Faith Hill reflected on the Success of Her Album ‘Breathe’ & If That Impacted ‘Cry’ 

CMT reports that during a 2002 interview with former CBS Early Show entertainment reporter Mark McEwen, Faith Hill opened up about the success of her 1999 album Breathe and if that had any impact on Cry. 

“It didn’t affect my approach because it’s always about the song for me,” Faith Hill explained. “I realize that I do have fans in lots of places around the world. I want to make a record that I really, really  can be proud of and what I really believe my fans will enjoy.” 

Faith Hill then said at the end of the day, she honestly would not have changed a thing about how she made Cry. “The pressure really only comes when I’m talking about it,” she continued. “Doing interviews, and everybody asks me the questions. I think, ‘Gosh, maybe I should be concerned.” 

Faith Hill also stated that it’s unreasonable to expect any artist’s albums to be consistently selling in the eight-million range. “There’s no way you can always move that kind of product,” she explained. “I don’t know anyone that does it. I just feel so grateful to have had the career that I’ve had so far. I’m still able to make music that I really love and want to make. And that’s what it’s all about.” 

In regards to what she wants new fans to know about her, Faith Hill added, “I want them to know that I’m a music lover. I think they will hear that in this album.”