Faith Hill Posts Hilarious ‘Glimpse Into the World of the McGraw Women’ in Honor of Daughter’s Birthday

by Lauren Boisvert

Today is Maggie McGraw’s birthday, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s middle daughter, and the couple celebrated her on social media today with heartfelt and fun posts. Faith Hill posted a hilarious video of Maggie singing “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” by Journey in slow motion, with everyone joining in to aid in the performance.

“A glimpse into the world of the McGraw Women on any given day or night,” Hill wrote in her caption. “Thought this video would be a fun and possibly embarrassing clip to share in celebration of Maggie’s 24th birthday! We love you so much Mags!! Add your own caption and music to this iconic night. Ohh what can I say….?”

With a lot of research and guesstimation, I figured out what song Maggie was singing in the slo-mo clip. First I thought it was “What Can I Say” by Brandi Carlile, but that didn’t seem like the right vibe for a night spent staying up late doing karaoke. Listening back to the first and last seconds of the clip, and with some of my patented detective work, I heard Maggie say “squeezin’,” paired with “Oh what can I say” at the end, included in Faith Hill’s caption as well, and it all came together from there. A classic Journey sing-a-long in the McGraw household.

Tim McGraw also celebrated his daughter on social media today. He shared a sweet photo of a teenaged Maggie on Twitter, including a heartfelt caption. “Happy 24th birthday to our remarkable middle daughter MAGGIE!” he wrote. “Your mom, sisters and I are so very proud of you. Your drive, work ethic and enthusiastic determination to make the world a better place inspires me every single day……. I love you Mags-a-Million!!!!” He signed off with a simple, “Dad.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Youngest Daughter Proves She Has Impressive Vocal Talent

In other McGraw-daughter news, recently the youngest of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s children, Audrey, shared some of her talent with friends and fans on social media. She posted a video of herself covering Pat Benatar’s “Fire and Ice” on piano, and the comments section lit up with support.

“Put on a pretty dress and attempted to sing a Pat Benatar song on piano… ATTEMPTED!,” she wrote. “Excuse my yelling but l gotta have some rock on here.”

Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky, commented on the post in excitement, as did his daughter Toni Cornell. Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks’ wife who starred alongside Audrey’s parents in “1883,” commented in support of her singing. Additionally, “Yellowstone” and “1883” photographer Emerson Miller called her a queen in Portuguese. It seems like all the McGraw Women have talent, drive, and dedication to their respective crafts, and we’re lucky they’ve decided to share that with the world.