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Faith Hill Shares Precious Birthday Message for Youngest Daughter Audrey

by Suzanne Halliburton

Audrey McGraw, Faith Hill’s “baby girl” turned 21 Tuesday. She’s off on her own path, living in New York. Hill wanted to honor that as part of Audrey’s birthday celebration.

Faith Hill posted a video of Audrey dancing at a Lady Gaga concert along with a photo of her youngest daughter looking stunning in a magenta dress. Hill left a long caption, harkening back on the day Audrey was born.

“That’s right, say goodbye to 20 because our baby girl has turned ……21 YEARS OLD today,” Hill said. “Coming into this world almost 8 weeks early with the widest smile on her face and the biggest eyes.  

“I will never forget looking right into those eyes staring back at me saying, “what cha’ll worried ‘bout,  I’m ready to go….let’s get on with it!!!’

“That spunk and spirit put me right at ease.  I knew Audrey Caroline McGraw was going to be just fine.  She came early for a reason and she was ready to prove it!!! Happy Birthday my little songbird We love you so much. Mom.”

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Posted Emotional Greetings for Audrey

If you’re a country music fan, you know that Audrey McGraw has two superstar entertainers as parents. Faith Hill wished her daughter many blessings on her special day in a very public post on Instagram. And so did Tim McGraw, who used a song he co-wrote for his birthday tribute to Audrey.

Don’t you think “My Little Girl” is the perfect father-daughter song? McGraw posted a photo gallery to Instagram to honor Audrey. And it was all set to “My Little Girl,” the song McGraw co-wrote in 2006 for the movie Flicka.

“Our baby gurl turns 21 today!!!!” McGraw wrote. “We r so proud of the remarkable young woman you have become….U make this world a better place to be for everyone who loves you. Happy birthday “my little girl” We love you so much!”

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, who married in 1996, are the parents of three daughters. Gracie is 25 and Maggie is 24. Audrey was the final child to leave the family home in Nashville, leaving her parents empty-nesters. She’s now working in New York, as is big sister, Gracie.

Via social media, Faith Hill fans joined in on the birthday celebration.

“Happy birthday from fans of your Mom and Dad,” said one of Hill’s followers. “Not only do they make beautiful music together, but they also make beautiful and intelligent babies together. But 21!!!!! Really????? Once again Happy birthday Angel.”

Wrote another: “Love this! Shout out to all those babies born a little bit early, but ready to thrive!”