Florida Georgia Line Drops Unreleased Track From Upcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ Album

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have been busy within the last year or so pursuing solo careers for the first time. Sadly, the duo officially parted ways back in August, their final show together taking place at the Minnesota State Fair. Though Tyler Hubbard affirmed at the fair that their split was final—sharing with fans, “This is our last official concert as Florida Georgia Line”—the guys have announced their very first Greatest Hits album. They previewed the new record Tuesday with their unreleased track, “Life.” Take a listen.

Tyler Hubbard leads us into the first line, “Well Daddy taught me how to throw a curveball the summer I turned 13,” reminiscing on adolescence. From there, he uses the curveball metaphor to speak about life’s highs and lows and lessons that are hard-earned over time.

According to Music Mayhem, Florida Georgia Line’s Greatest Hits album is scheduled to drop within the next few weeks, making its debut on Wednesday, November 9th. Altogether, the album boasts a collection of 18 songs, including three previously unreleased tracks that includes the duo’s brand new “Life.”

Since announcing their solo careers, both the men of Florida Georgia Line have seen ongoing success. Brian Kelley’s first solo single came with “Beach Cowboy,” releasing his solo album Sunshine State of Mind soon after. Meanwhile, Tyler Hubbard is dominating country music radio with his single “5 Foot 9.” The song marks one of six songs on the artist’s debut EP.

Tyler Hubbard Shares Heartfelt Message with Fans During Florida Georgia Line’s Final Concert

During their final concert a few months ago, Tyler Hubbard became emotional, taking a moment to address Florida Georgia Line fans and thanking them for the last decade or so of their career together. And though the band has assured fans that they are “taking a break” rather than “breaking up,” the split nevertheless seems like it will last a while. FGL previously informed fans that their recent split marks “the closing of an incredible, incredible chapter.”

Speaking to the crowd at the Minnesota State Fair, Hubbard said, “You’ve enabled us to chase this crazy dream of writing songs and playing shows and hoping somebody will show up and listen. So, thank you guys…It really, really means the world to us.”

Florida Georgia Line originally confirmed their split back in February, with Tyler Hubbard stressing that “‘taking a break’ is the proper term.” Hubbard’s bandmate Brian Kelley further spoke about the group’s next venture.

“We’re not going our separate ways,” Brian Kelley assured fans. “We’re taking a break from recording our music; we’re being artists. We love creating. And so a couple years back, we started writing without each other and trying different writers and now we’re both doing that with our music.”