Folk Band The Ghost of Paul Revere Signs to Americana Vibes for Farewell Album

by Clayton Edwards

The Ghost of Paul Revere have been making their signature blend of music called “holler folk” for over a decade. Now, the Ghosts are ready to slip back into the shadows. With their final album, Goodbye, the band is bidding their fans farewell. Their fifth and final album comes with a new deal with Americana Vibes.

Americana Vibes isn’t just handling the release of Goodbye. They’re also releasing The Ghost of Paul Revere’s back catalog. Their debut EP North all three Field Notes EPs as well as their full-length albums Believe, Monarch, and Good at Losing Everything.

In a release, Americana Vibes co-founder Ivory Daniel spoke about signing The Ghost of Paul Revere. “Everything that we strive for here at Americana Vibes is embodied within the music, art, and humanity behind this album, Goodbye. We’re excited to welcome the Ghosts to our family, and ever more so to release this body of work while amplifying the importance of the Ghosts’ catalog across the globe.”

The Ghost of Paul Revere on Their Farewell Album

“How does one write the obituary of a ghost,” the Ghost of Paul Revere asked when announcing their departure. Well, it seems that Goodbye is the answer to that question. Griffin Sherry (guitar/vocals) spoke about Goodbye in a release. “I hope listeners love the songs and want to keep listening to them for as long as they’ve got ears,” he said. Sherry continued, saying, “I hope the whole body of work shows you the journey we’ve been on from where we started to how we got here. We took a lot of chances and integrated different types of music and instruments, but the core has been there since 2011.”

Sherry went on to describe the core of Ghost of Paul Revere and what he hopes listeners get from Goodbye. “The core is that we care about the songs, their quality, and singing on them with as much passion as possible. I hope Goodbye shows that a group of friends can go out in the world, sing those songs, and be rewarded for it. Maybe it inspires people to take a chance and realize creating can be a really wonderful thing to do. It has been for us.”

A Band of Brothers

The Ghost of Paul Revere is parting on good terms. Over the past decade, the guys in the band have formed a deep bond. About that, Sherry said, “We have a brotherhood that will hopefully endure forever, even as it changes shape. Hopefully, the songs last too.”

In a way, Goodbye encapsulates the growth of The Ghost of Paul Revere over the years. Some songs resemble the soft acoustic folk at the heart of the band’s early releases. Others are more rocking songs with what Sherry called “a pretty good grit.”

Listen to Goodbye wherever you stream music or get it on CD or vinyl through Americana Vibes.