Gabby Barrett Teases New Music Following Babymoon

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)

Days after having some time off to prepare for her second child, Gabby Barrett announced plans to work on some new music, which may be included in her upcoming album. 

In her latest social media post, Gabby Barrett declared, “Album #2 at work… What do you want to hear? Who do you want a duet with?” She also had a clip of some new music in the post. 

Although most of Gabby Barrett’s followers name-dropped the obvious country music singers, including Carly Pearce, Miranda Lamber, Kane Brown, and Morgan Wallen, one follower decided to go a different route with this question. “William Hung,” they wrote. Hung is the singer who performed Ricky Martin’s She Bangs during his American Idol audition in 2008.  The same follower also mentioned Pearl Jam in another response. 

Responding to the possibility of performing with Hung or even Pearl Jam, Gabby Barrett stated, “Wow how thought out. You went from Pearl Jam to William Hung.”

Gabby Barrett previously performed duets with Emyrson Flora, her husband Cade Foehner, and Charlie Puth.

Gabby Barrett Opens Up About Going on Tour While Pregnant With Second Child 

During a recent interview with Taste of Country, Gabby Barrett reflected on her decision to tour with Jason Aldean while pregnant with her second child. 

“My husband is always like, ‘Oh I’m so scared,’” Gabby Barrett stated. “He always thought I was going to fall on the thrust that goes out from the stage. But I’m like, ‘I got this.’ And I haven’t fallen yet.” 

However, Gabby Barrett admitted there were some rough moments on the tour. “It just gets harder to breathe and it’s harder to have vocal control and all of those things. I kind of had to find ways and little tactics around it to make sure that we were still putting on a good show, though. I just took it week by week.” 

Meanwhile, Gabby Barrett said her fans have been very much supportive every step of the way. “I appreciate the support very much from everybody. I don’t really tell people how far along I’m in the pregnancy, so I definitely had to show the crowd every once in a while that I had an actual baby in there.” 

Gabby Barrett also spoke about the support she received from Aldean and his wife, Brittany. “Jason and Brittany are very chill, very relaxed people. I know Brittany sometimes comes out on the road. I don’t think she comes up every single weekend, so I wasn’t able to talk to her too much. We talked for a couple minutes in the very beginning of the tour, but yeah, I would love to continue that relationship.”