Garth Brooks Fans Slam Concert as ‘Worst’ Experience After Nightmare Traffic Situation

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

When attending the concert of one of the biggest country music stars of all time it makes sense to expect some big crowds and a few parking issues. However, some fans who attended a recent Garth Brooks concert are claiming that the situations they faced along these lines were beyond the “normal” issues. Some fans are even going as far as calling the concert the “worst” after facing nightmare traffic situations.

Garth Brooks Fans Are Labeling Missouri Event The “Worst Concert Experience”

The September 30 concert at the newly renovated Thunder Ridge Nature Arena at Bass Pro Shops’ Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri was supposed to be a big one. However, fans are noting that instead, this event quickly became a nightmare situation.

According to reports, over 80,000 tickets were sold. However, many event attendees claim the venue could not support this massive amount of concertgoers, beginning with the parking availabilities. Many concert-goers took to social media following the chaos, angry that they missed much of the concert while sitting stuck in traffic. Many of the lucky fans who made it to the parking lots noted that there were no available spaces.

Reports connected to the planning of the events say that a shuttle system was put into place by hiring an outside company. However, fans are noting this system was not effective and many had to walk along the highway to the venue.

“We hired a company called ASM Global,” notes Jeff Wilhoit, a Bass Pro Shops leader. “They do large events all over the country.” However, Wilhoit notes that this company also provides shuttle services for FEMA. And, many of these resources went to aid hurricane victims when Ian hit Florida around that same time.

Fans React To Concert Planning That Left Many In The Dust

Many fans shared their dissatisfaction with the planning on their social media. Some even called for refunds and others tagged Garth Brooks in an effort to make the country music icon aware of the nightmare situation.

“@ThunderRidgeMO How do I get a refund for the @garthbrooks concert?” one frustrated fan asks on Twitter.

“Came from STL, sat in 2 21/2 hours of gridlock,” the fan continues. “There was Zero parking which lead to Hundreds of people walking the Unlit 2 lane highway full of traffic. It was beyond dangerous & unacceptable.”

“#GarthBrooks wtf is happening after your concert!?!” another frustrated fan laments.

“Thousands of fans trapped in parking lots for over 2 hours! Please help!”