Garth Brooks Hints He’s Done Doing Organized Tours

by Blake Ells

Few country music artists have done things exactly the way they wanted, but Garth Brooks is near the top of that list. One of his heroes, George Strait, is certainly among that group, too. Garth Brooks “retired” from music in 2001. The man literally did nothing for eight years other than collect mailbox money. He popped up in 2009 for We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, and he went to Las Vegas for a residency shortly after. He did what he wanted and on his own terms.

Garth Brooks released his first new single in 13 years in 2014. “People Loving People” welcomed a new world tour and it was the lead single from his ninth studio album, Man Against Machine. Garth Brooks refused to relent to Spotify. His massive catalog was hard to find during the rise of streaming services. He didn’t need it. He did it his way.

Since 2018, he’s been on a stadium tour. The tour never really had an end in sight. A lot of that was because of the pandemic. But for nearly four years, he’s announced random stadium dates across the world and kept all prices the same. He also squeezed a “Dive Bar” tour in there. He’s 60 now, and his approach remains unpredictable. But he owns it.

He just shared photos from an incredible night near Dallas on the Stadium Tour. And next up is the “Last Stop on the American Stadium Tour” in Houston on August 6. He heads to Dublin, Ireland for five consecutive sold out in September. Then, nothing is on his calendar.

Garth Brooks May Not Do an “Organized Tour” Again

Garth Brooks says that the next move is a reaction to the current time. And sites like Ticketmaster have made “organized tours” a challenge. He’s always wanted to keep things reasonable for his fans.

“This will be our last stadium tour,” he told the Star-Telegram. “It doesn’t mean that you’re done; you’ll figure out what you’re going to do, but I doubt that we’ll ever do an organized tour again. We might just pick spots and do some stuff, but not have it clustered as a tour. These guys haven’t been home in months so they need to have the same life they’ve given me.”

Picking and choosing his spots seems to be the way the entire Stadium Tour planned out. A full schedule was never available at once. But these past four years were certainly more orchestrated than a casual fan would recognize. Garth Brooks performed everywhere from the Bluebird Cafe in his earliest Nashville days to the legendary Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Tex. during his 2019 ‘Dive Bar’ tour. He’s wrapping this year with more than 400,000 tickets sold to his Dublin residency. He’ll find his own path, and it’ll be what the fans want.