Garth Brooks Being Honored With Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement Award

by Jonathan Howard

Country music‘s best-selling artist is being honored. Garth Brooks is going to receive the Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s one of the highest honors that a country star can receive and it’s going to be an awesome night. The Nashville Songwriters Association International gives the award out at the Nashville Songwriter Awards.

This year, the awards are set to take place on September 20. From the Ryman Auditorium, they will honor some of the best in songwriting. That includes Brooks, of course. With the Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement Award, the singer will be recognized for his contributions to American songwriting.

You can’t tell the story of American music without talking about the “Friends In Low Places” singer. With more records sold than any other country music artist before, he’s put his stamp on the genre, and on the history of American music. There’s no better choice than Garth Brooks.

Throughout the years, Willie Nelson, Bill Anderson, and more have been honored with the award. Kristofferson himself chooses the recipients.

“It’s pretty damn embarrassing to give a man of Garth’s stature an award with my name on it,” Kristofferson lamented. “When Willie got one he said he could take care of that. Congratulations Garth, I am truly humbled and honored that you have accepted this! You belong on Mount Rushmore. See you there.”

That’s the usual Kristofferson attitude. A little self-deprecating, but always honest and truthful. He’s never not spoken his mind I don’t think. When the awards ceremony gets here, it’s going to be a massive deal. Lots of music, laughs, and fun I’m sure.

Garth Brooks Reflects on NSAI Kristofferson Honor

So, it’s safe to say that Garth Brooks is more than excited to get this award. When you look at his career, he’s about done it all. There are few things that he hasn’t accomplished as far as charts, album sales, awards, and more. However, this is a rare and hallowed honor. Something that is just not given out to just anyone. And, it comes down to the decision of one man, for who the award is named after.

“When they name awards after artists, that award takes on an even greater meaning. Kristofferson is known as the songwriter’s songwriter… and he should be. The honor is the name on the award and the names who have received it. My hope is that through time, the Garth Brooks name is worthy of such an honor,” he said. “This is going to be a cool night.”

So, who’s ready for September 20? I know I am. When it all goes down, fans are going to want to tune in. While there are other awards shows, few can match the prestige of this one – Ryman Auditorium, Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement Award, it’s a perfect setup.