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Garth Brooks Just Extended His Sold-Out Las Vegas Residency

by Suzanne Halliburton
Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images

So if you’re Garth Brooks, how do you react when your year-long Vegas residency sells out in hours? Well, you add another year.

Brooks, the country music superstar, made the announcement Thursday, a little more than a week after his Vegas residency sold out in a day. And to think, fans only had the chance to buy those tickets by pre-registering for certain dates, then getting assigned to buy tickets for only one concert.

Brooks announced the Vegas news via social media. He’ll reveal the extra dates next May. So in other words, there is plenty of time to plan your trip to Sin City for some gambling and country singing with Garth.

“My whole life, I have heard the saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ ” Brooks wrote on Instagram. “Well, thanks to God and the people, ours was. Truly grateful and unapologetically excited.”

For context on the Vegas residency, fans picked four possible dates via Ticketmaster for the Garth Brooks Vegas shows. He’ll be there for 27 nights next year. Ticketmaster notified the fans who were eligible to buy the tickets and assigned them a specific hour to purchase. All the tickets sold out quickly and as many as 60,000 fans still couldn’t buy them.

Brooks called the instant sellout “an unbelievable day” during his “Inside Studio G” weekly show.

“Every show in ’23 is pretty much…done. A whole year in one day. That’s nice!” He added, “they had more people than they could take care of, which was very sweet for us.”

And now it’s even sweeter. No doubt, there’s still a very hot market for the 60-year-old entertaining legend. The residency kicks off next spring for Garth Brooks/Plus One at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. In mid-November, Brooks talked about what this residency means during an interview with a Vegas TV station.

“I think it’s just the fun that it brings,” Brooks told 9News “I love it. So anytime you get a second chance at anything, you get to kind of do it. Hopefully, hopefully what you learned from the first time, and the first time was cool. It’s a one man show, just you and your guitar.”

And if it’s a Garth Brooks show, especially in Vegas, you know it’s going to be a spectacle. Brooks promises that he’s going to bring in special guests. You probably won’t get the same show every night.

“Vegas is the place where anything goes, and The Colosseum at Caesars is the heart of Vegas,” Garth Brooks said when he first announced the residency.

“The perfect combination to present a show that will not only push the envelope, it’s gonna shred it.”