Garth Brooks’ Nashville Bar Is Officially on Social Media: See the New Logo

by Lauren Boisvert

Garth Brooks is opening a honky-tonk in Nashville soon, and the bar is officially on social media with a shiny new logo to go with it. Called Friends In Low Places, based on Brooks’ arguably most famous song, the bar is located on Lower Broadway in the former location of the Downtown Sporting Club.

Brooks confirmed the bar’s name in April, when he posted a time-lapse video of the bar’s transformation into Friends In Low Places on Twitter. Now, he recently shared the bar’s logo and new Twitter page. “You made the song what it is… now let’s make the BAR what it can be! Follow Friends in Low Places Bar @FriendsBarNash and join us!!!!” he wrote in a tweet. He signed off with his quintessential “love, g.”

Right now, there’s no launch date or countdown or anything on the website, besides a link to the retail shop. But, the site is fittingly tropical-themed, with a delightful graphic of moving water, plus foliage behind the bar’s logo. The logo itself has the name spelled out in stylized bones, for a tropical, lost island, pirate-esque look. It’s definitely fun, kind of a Margaritaville feel, but more pirate-y. If the whole place is like this, I’m expecting foliage hanging from the ceiling a la Rainforest Café. Garth Brooks himself has said that Friends In Low Places will be like the “Chick-fil-A of honky-tonks,” so we have that to look forward to.

Garth Brooks’ Daughter Allie Colleen Speaks On the Realities of Nashville Music Industry

In mid-May, Garth Brooks’ youngest daughter, Allie Colleen, who followed his footsteps into the music business, spoke on what it’s really like trying to make it in Nashville.

“I went through a lot of really personal changes last year that were the most growth-inspiring months of my life,” she told People. “But they were also the hardest.”

The music industry is harsh, and cutthroat. You don’t have to be a musician to know that. Allie Colleen found that out when she started to pursue music. But, she didn’t let her dad’s influence get her through any doors. She’s hustling, and pushing the envelope all on her own. But, still, criticism is hard to take, sometimes. She shared that she sees criticism everywhere, and is trying to change that mindset.

“I do believe you see what you look for,” she said. “So, I’ve really tried to change the lens a little bit because yeah, everywhere I look, I see stones in everyone’s hands, ready to be thrown.”

That mindset and imagery led to her debut album, though, titled Stones. “Anyone with any sort of public profile knows what I mean,” she continued. “Stones can come from all angles. And on some days, you just want to pick them up and throw them right back as hard as you can […] But I just kind of try to keep them in my pocket. And the ones that are too heavy? Well, I just leave those where they are.”