Garth Brooks Opens Up About Narrating ‘America’s National Parks’ Series

by Megan Molseed

Garth Brooks is no stranger to the public eye. The country music icon has had quite a prolific career. From becoming one of the best-selling artists of all time with his early country music albums to forays into the rock ‘n roll music scene, and even into the world of professional baseball, Garth Brooks seems to have done it all.

However, there is one thing he hasn’t tried before the star says in a recent interview. In this discussion, the Thunder Rolls singer gets candid about his newest project, narrating the brand new National Parks series which is airing nightly on the Disney + streaming service all this week on National Geographic and Streams.

Brooks Lends His Voice To An Entirely New Project On Disney +

Sure, Garth Brooks has a voice that has become a major part of the country music scene over the last few decades or so. Brooks has found nearly unprecedented success over the years for his numerous country music hits such as The Dance and Friends In Low Places.

However, Brooks is now enjoying a new adventure as he narrates the five-night documentary series National Geographic’s America’s National Parks. The country music superstar also serves as an executive producer for the special project that highlights five of the country’s national parks.

“I’ve never narrated anything in my life,” Garth Brooks has said of his new role as narrator. However, the singer adds that while this new role comes with a learning curve, he can talk “passionately about this country.”

Brooks goes on to note that he is passionate about the parks and the “courage it takes to preserve” them.

“Not only preserve them,” he adds, but to make sure they are regularly maintained.

Garth Brooks Learns A Few New Things While Narrating National Parks Documentary

According to Brooks, this latest project highlighted just how strong his Oklahoma drawl can be. And, the star says, he had to work on reigning some of this accent in while narrating the National Parks series.

“There are words that I’ve been mispronouncing my entire life,” the singer quips.
“And until you sit down here and start to hear yourself talking, you don’t know,” Brooks adds. He remembers one change in particular when he began omitting the “r” from throw but adding it to the word “wash.”

“When you get to hear yourself back, you go, ‘Is that me?'” the singer relates.

“But it’s funny. It’s the same way it was the first time I ever heard myself sing,” he adds.

“We have treasures that we worked to preserve and make available, but don’t waste them,” he continues. “You get your kids, get the people you love, go out and see these things.”

Brooks says his favorite national park is Grand Canyon. And the star says he got an entirely new glimpse of this wonder from the footage obtained for the series.

“The drone shots make you just start to tear up,” the country singer says.

“It’s beautiful,” he continues. “You get to see colors you never get to see by standing on the rim of it or even going down in it.” Brooks notes that fans will be “mesmerized in the first five seconds” of the episode.