Garth Brooks to Pull the Plug on His Satellite Radio Station

by Clayton Edwards

If you’re a Sirius XM subscriber and a fan of Garth Brooks, there’s a good chance that you already know about the Garth Channel. The station Brooks’ biggest hits alongside a personally-curated playlist of other artists and songs. Now, after six years of killer tunes, the “Thunder Rolls” singer is pulling the plug on his Sirius station.

The Garth Channel will air its final piece of programming at midnight October 1. So, if you enjoy the station, now is a great time to tune in and crank it up. In less than two weeks, it will be gone for good. However, Billboard reports that this isn’t a sign of troubles in Garth’s camp. Instead, it further signifies the end of an era.

Garth Brooks and Sirius XM started the Garth Channel in 2016 during his massive worldwide arena tour. Now, after an unplanned break due to the pandemic, Brooks is wrapping up the massive outing. This, he said, will be his final stadium tour. So, it seems fitting to end the station as the tour comes to a close.

The purpose of the Garth Channel was two-fold. On one hand, Garth Brooks wanted to share music that he loved with his fans. On the other hand, the Sirius station helped him sell tickets for his massive arena tour. He told Billboard, “[The Garth Channel] sold a ton of tickets for us on the tour and a ton of tickets for us on the stadium tour and now the drive for what it was and what it stood for is coming to a close. We plan this purposefully for all our stuff to be coming to a close here to see what our next step might be.”

Garth Brooks Built a Community Around His Sirius Station

The Garth Channel didn’t just help Brooks sell tickets. It also became a community hub of sorts for him and his fans. He would regularly appear on the station to talk about some of the artists in rotation. The station also shared some interesting Garth trivia. Additionally, fans could hear his weekly show Inside Studio G on the station.

The Garth Channel was special because Brooks helped select the songs and artists it would play. He wanted fans to hear his music, of course. However, he also wanted them to hear his contemporaries and musicians who influenced him over the years. Additionally, he would toss in newer acts that he found interesting. As a result, fans could tune into the Garth Channel and hear Olivia Rodrigo, Merle Haggard, Chris LeDoux, and Bruno Mars in the span of a couple of hours.

“The greatness was that you could hear Bruno Mars and Merle Haggard back to back and you heard two great artists with two totally different great kinds of music, and you liked them both,” Garth Brooks said of the station. “I love that you heard Aretha Franklin with Adele and Tammy Wynette, and all of that worked.”

The first song the station played was Brooks’ 2014 hit “People Loving People” and he hopes it will be the final song it plays as well. “I can’t imagine a better message to start with or to end with,” Brooks said.