Garth Brooks Rips Ticketmaster’s Dynamic Pricing

by Clayton Edwards

At this point, anyone who has thought about buying concert tickets has heard of dynamic pricing. This new strategy from Ticketmaster allows ticket prices to fluctuate depending on demand. The ticket-selling giant hoped to stop scalpers with these new sliding-scale prices.

However, it ended up making some tickets too expensive for many fans to afford. For instance, some Bruce Springsteen tickets were going for nearly $5,000 in the past weeks. This caused outrage among perspective concertgoers online. But, the fans aren’t the only people who are mad about dynamic pricing. Garth Brooks recently spoke out about the practice.

Garth Brooks tries to do his fans right. The Oklahoma native tries to keep his ticket prices relatively low. Additionally, he refuses to sell the front two rows at his concerts. Instead, he has his crew comb the nosebleed section for devoted fans to take to the front. As a result, Garth looks down and sees the most enthusiastic people in the crowd while also giving some big fans the night of their lives. Needless to say, Brooks isn’t a huge fan of dynamic pricing’s effect on ticket prices.

In a recent interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Garth Brooks opened up about his disdain for Ticketmaster’s new anti-scalper pricing strategy.

Garth Brooks Isn’t a Fan of Dynamic Pricing

The interviewer from the Star-Telegram asked Garth Brooks, “What are your thoughts on dynamic pricing on tickets?” In the printed interview, they laid out a spot-on description of the strategy. “Dynamic pricing, where the price of the tickets for a show fluctuates depending on the demand for tickets, is being used by Ticketmaster ostensibly to prevent scalping, but has basically just made itself the scalper.”

Garth Brooks said, “That’s a tough one. Springsteen is going through it right now. We’re all watching it,” he said, referring to sky-high prices to see The Boss. “Here’s the bottom line for me,” Brooks continued. “I know this is silly but I have always screamed and screamed as long as you’ve known me: just knock out scalping. Just make it illegal.”

Scalping is a huge problem for everyone. Fans who buy scalped tickets are probably going to pay far more than face value. At the same time, none of that money goes to the performer or the venue. The only people who financially win in that situation are the ones reselling (scalping) tickets.  

Garth Brooks went on to say, “That way, the price of the ticket is the price of the ticket. The same money is going to be exchanged when scalping tickets, it’s just now who gets the money. That’s the difference.” However, Brooks said that missing out on the extra money isn’t what bothers him. Instead, he said that the worst part for him is that it makes things hard on the fans. Those fans, he noted, are the ones that allow him and other artists to live their dreams.