Garth Brooks Says His Broadway Bar ‘Will Be the Chick-Fil-A of Honky-Tonks’

by TK Sanders

Superstar country music artist Garth Brooks used a famous fast food metaphor to describe the type of vibe he wants to serve up at his new Broadway Bar. Brooks’ newest bar and restaurant venture, dubbed “Friends in Low Places,” is still under construction on Lower Broadway. However, the retail store attached to the front opened just in time for the artist’s Nashville shows at Nissan Stadium.

The multi-story mega venue will enter a crowded market. Plenty of other artists like Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, and Blake Shelton already opened up similar ventures based on their own names or music. Brooks tried to differentiate his new place, though, as a safe space built on love, more so than just another party destination.

“I want the Chick-Fil-A of honky-tonks,” Garth said, referencing the food brand’s reputation for warmth and respect. “What I want is a place where you go, where you feel good, feel safe; everybody’s got good manners. I hope that right when you walk in, everybody feels the love,” he added. He also said that he wants to build a “classic” honky-tonk.

The debut of the new bar’s retail shop coincided with a special set of shows in Nashville that Brooks scheduled specifically for fans that missed out last year due to inclement weather. He originally only added one make-up show. But many fans from last year said that they could not attend or could not find good seats, so Brooks added a second show to try to accommodate everyone.

Fans flocked to Garth Brooks’ Broadway bar and retail space for merchandise after the shows

“What we were finding on socials was, ‘I had a great ticket for the original night and now I can’t even get a ticket for this.’ Or, ‘I’m up in the tall seats’ and so people weren’t happy,” Garth said, explaining why he added a second night. These shows are “for those people who were sweet enough to get that ticket for the original show that got either canceled from the pandemic or got rained out like this one,” WKRN reported.

The shows’ staff and fans from this weekend also dealt with inclement weather, but nothing as severe as last July’s storms. Fans last year had to take cover as the storms rolled through fast and furious.

Brooks got emotional backstage before Friday’s make-up show as he recalled the memories of last July.

“It breaks my heart because those people take care of you, they do everything right? So what you would rather see is you would rather see them smiling, laughing, dancing, right? That kind of stuff. But to see them soaked and using anything they’ve got to shield their head, right? It just hurts. It hurts really bad,” he said.

Brooks started the shows early this time around — without an opening act — to ensure that fans got to see the entire setlist.