Garth Brooks Surprises Fans in Irish Pub Between Concerts in Dublin: WATCH

by Jonathan Howard

When Garth Brooks goes to Ireland, it’s time to party. The country music legend was living it up in Dublin between shows. Of course, if you’re going to go to the land of Guinness then going out to a pub or two is a must. 400,000 tickets have been sold to the various concerts in Ireland, showing that his return is as big of a deal as we all thought.

September is the Garth Brooks month in Ireland. Dublin is a great place to be and it’s not a far hop, skip and jump to Kerry. That’s where patrons at Dick Mack’s Pub saw Brooks in the flesh. He was taking it all in, keeping it lowkey with his outfit. He didn’t even have a cowboy hat on if you can believe that.

The next show, scheduled for Friday, September 16 can’t come soon enough for fans. However, it seems that Brooks is starting to live it up while overseas. He stopped in at the pub and even put on a little show for those that were there.

An acoustic version of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was performed. This is one of those moments that just doesn’t happen anywhere outside of Nashville. But, Garth Brooks brought a little bit of music City out to Kerry with him.

Check it out below.

Being in Ireland and seeing Garth Brooks play in a pub has to be one of the top experiences a music fan can have. It’s almost something out of a fan fiction. “Describe your ideal concert, singer, and venue.” For those lucky Irish fans, this has to be surreal.

Garth Brooks Rocks Ireland

It really is wild to think that Garth Brooks can just go to Ireland and sell almost half a million tickets. Honestly, if he wanted to he could probably break 1,000,000. Brooks and his power know no bounds, international or otherwise. After playing a run of shows to begin the tour, he posted on Twitter about the experience.

While I’m sure that Brooks has dreamed about that moment, all of those fans in Ireland have been dying for this event to finally happen. Fans have responded in a great way, saying that the performances have been “absolutely amazing” up to this point. If you love country music, you kinda have to go see Brooks in concert at least once, right? He’s Garth for goodness sake.

With more shows to be played, this isn’t the end of Garth Brooks in Ireland. We are going to get more updates and photos when he takes the stage again. These videos and pictures have been astounding so far. I’m sure the country music icon will be sharing lots of those in the coming days.