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Garth Brooks Talks ‘Respect’ for the Grand Ole Opry Ahead of Nashville Concert

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Real deal country music fans of Garth Brooks know that he is all about paying respect to the past, like the Grand Ole Opry and his late friend Chris LeDoux. Brooks will do just about anything to preserve country music’s history. While talking about an upcoming show at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, the country music legend brought up his late friend and country singer.

For what Brooks says will be the “greatest day on the planet” the singer is set to have the Opry open up for his show. He has loved the establishment for decades and his effort to keep it popular and involved in the culture as much as possible. He tried doing this before, but the show was rained out. On the redo, you better believe the singer is going to go all out.

Bringing the Opry for Saturday’s Concert

“I would take it [the Opry] on the road with me, myself because there’s something [about it],” the singer explained. “It’s like mentioning the name Chris LeDoux. When you mention Chris LeDoux, whoever says it gets to stand like Chris does. Whoa, that’s pretty cool respect. And so whenever the Opry is with you, that’s nothing but respect right there. And what I love is people treat it with respect.”

LeDoux is the late country music singer that had songs such as Cadillac Cowboy. He put out an incredible number of albums, 36 in total, many independently released, and was an important piece of the country music fabric. Brooks was a close friend. In 2000, LeDoux was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. At the time, Brooks offered up a portion of his very own liver. However, it wasn’t a match.

After receiving a transplant, LeDoux developed cancer. It would ultimately take his life in March of 2005 at just 56 years old.

Garth Brooks Loves the Opry and Loves Nashville

It isn’t crazy to say, Garth Brooks loves the Grand Ole Opry. He also loves the city of Nashville. And, why wouldn’t he? The singer-songwriter is the definition of country music for many people out there. Although it has been a long time coming, the inevitable is finally here. Brooks is opening a bar on Broadway.

Joining the ranks of Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, and others, the highest-selling artist in the genre is getting a bar. Now, Friends in Low Places isn’t just the name of one of Brooks’ biggest hits. It’s the name of his new establishment and he’s ready to party with the other wild ones on Broadway. On Friday, Brooks revealed the first teaser look at the bar/merch store on Broadway. Check it out above.