Gary LeVox Praises Farmers, Opens Up About His Preparation for Deer Season

by Tia Bailey

Rascal Flatts alum Gary LeVox recently praised farmers in an interview. The singer also opened up about preparing for deer season this year.

While talking about his hunting prep, LeVox shared his thoughts on farmers, and how prepping for the season has given him more respect for them.

“What I do is, since the clover lasts so long here, you’ve got the clover on the ground, and then you’re drillin’ in seeds like sugar beets, winter bulbs, and all that stuff for late season that deer and turkey need – not just to attract ‘em, but you know, it’s their Cracker Barrel,” he said. “It grows up through the clover, and the clover kinda culls the moisture in the ground.”

He then shared: “So, there’s a whole science to it. It gave me such a different perspective on farmers around the world because having to depend on Mother Nature for your livelihood is crazy. So, it really gave me a deeper appreciation for what they do and what they have to go through cause their entire livelihood depends on it.”

The singer-songwriter has always been an avid hunter. He has spoken about it many times over the years in interviews. CMT shared that in 2011, Rascal Flatts talked about their touring schedule, and how it revolved around hunting season.

“That pretty much gives away who does the schedule. We usually try to finish up right at the beginning of bow season a week or two into October. We’ve been blessed enough to be able to adjust our schedule.My partners Jay and Joe Don, they’ve always been really cool about it. I tell them, you know, the end of the season starts in January.” he told Hunt Life Outdoor Show over a decade ago.

LeVox Spoke Out About Rascal Flatts Breakup

Rascal Flatts had a great run, but eventually parted ways back in 2020. LeVox, who is known for being the lead singer of the band, spoke about the split. He stated that he has “never been okay with the way” the band ended.

He spoke to PEOPLE about it. “I hate the way that it ended, I can’t stand the fact that it just feels there’s no closure with something that we’ve been so blessed with,” he said.

“I wasn’t happy that Joe Don quit,” he mentioned after. “It kind of came out of nowhere. It was like, ‘Let me try to wrap my head around this.’ And then I certainly wasn’t OK with the pandemic, which canceled everything. I hate the way that it ended, I hate that we didn’t get to do this farewell tour. I can’t stand the fact that it just feels there’s no closure with something that we’ve been so blessed with. That will always be in my heart.”