‘George and Tammy’ Trailer Released: Jessica Chastain, Michael Shannon Portray Country Icons Tammy Wynette, George Jones

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Brian Rasic / Contributor

Fans of the late great George Jones and Tammy Wynette are in for a treat. A new trailer for the new TV show “George and Tammy” has officially been dropped, starring Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon as country music greats Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

Based on a memoir by their daughter, “George and Tammy” follows Tammy and George as they endure their lifetime of conflict, substances, and even shock therapy.

The legendary pair had a tumultuous marriage from 1969 to 1975. However, the trailer shows the couple happy as they become country music hitmakers in the industry. Chastain is seen as Wynette recording her most beloved track, “Stand By Your Man.”

In the trailer, the two are seen performing onstage multiple times together. 

“There’s something about having a number one hit,” she says. “It does something to a person. After your first number one, you can’t wait till the next one.”

The couple’s ambitions seem to connect, with Wynette saying: “We live in a fast world,’ and Jones replying: ‘Fast is the only speed I know.”

The trailer also shows Jones popping the question as they sit across from one another at a diner. 

“Miss Tammy Wynette, will you make me an honest man?” he asks in his deep voice, and she playfully responds by asking: “You make me an honest woman?”

New miniseries shows highs and lows of George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s marriage

Later, the two welcome two little girls, Georgette and Susan. However, their marriage starts to hit a roadblock as Jones’ music drops off. As a result, Jones turns to substances and other reckless behavior. It even reaches the point where Wynette says to Jones: “You can’t bear happiness.”

She adds: “George is one of those people that can’t tolerate happiness. If everything is right, there’s something in him that makes him destroy it.”

The “George and Tammy” trailer also shows Wynette in turmoil. The clip shows how she landed in the hospital, suffering from one of the many health problems she endured throughout her life. 

Although her doctor wants her to “slow down,” she responds with, “So many people are relying on my – fans and my family and….” 

Safe to say, the trailer has no qualms about diving into each of their vices. The show even hints at Wynette’s mental breakdown during her marriage to her first husband, two marriages before Jones.

However, the trailer shows one silver lining: their feelings for one another remain the same as they rely on one another through the hard times and the good. 

Based on the memoir The Three Of Us: Growing Up With Tammy And George by their daughter, Georgette Jones, the show premiers on December 4 on Showtime.