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George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s Daughter, Georgette Jones, Speaks Out About New ‘George & Tammy’ Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Beth Gwinn/Redferns)

Prior to the premiere of Jessica Chasten and Michael Shannon’s miniseries, George & Tammy, George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s daughter, Georgette is sharing her thoughts about the new show. 

While speaking to Cowboys & Indians, Georgette spoke about her immediate reaction to George & Tammy. “To be honest, I don’t think I was fully expecting to be as overwhelmed as I actually was,” she explained. “I had seen Jessica blonde before, so I already knew she was really going to look a lot like mom.

Georgette then praised Shannon for his portrayal of her father. “I didn’t know what Michael was going to look like. And so the first time I actually arrived on set and saw him, he was leaving his trailer for the set, and he was dressed up as my dad as an older man. And it was so uncanny how much he looked like him, his movements. He obviously had studied him so well.”

Georgette also admitted she broke down in tears when she was on the George & Tammy set. “It just really felt like my mom and dad were there. It truly was an emotional experience, but a very gratifying one because they have done so much work to pull this off. I’m so incredibly happy with what they did.”

Georgette Jones Spoke About Her Reaction to Making ‘George & Tammy’ A Limited Series 

When asked how she felt about George & Tammy being made a limited series instead of a film, Georgette said she was happy about it. “People in the past have really pushed movie, movie, movie is so much better. But I think the industry itself, number one, has changed so much. So many big actors and actresses like Jessica and Michael are doing more TV and streaming things.”

Georgette also shared that she and the rest of her family know how complicated George and Tammy’s lives were. “And their story is so much bigger than a two-hour movie. I think it’s difficult to tell their whole story even in six hours. So a movie would’ve been next to impossible. I’m really grateful that we went this route. And I feel like today with inflation and the cost of going to a movie, it’s also easier and more affordable for more people to watch it from home. So I’m really very thankful that we went this way, and I couldn’t be happier.”

In regards to her reaction to the scenes that weren’t truthful, Georgette said, “Well, there was a lot that happened when I was a child, and my parents really sheltered me a good bit from that when I was really young. But there was a point where they couldn’t shelter me anymore.”

She went on to add, that while her father had some struggles, Tammy was really great when Georgette was a kid. “Because anytime somebody would tell me stories or I’d read things in the newspaper, she was very quick to tell me that I don’t need to worry about anything I read, see or hear from anyone other than my mom or my dad. And that my dad loved me.”