George Strait Adds Parker McCollum to Arrowhead Stadium Concert Also Featuring Chris Stapleton, Little Big Town

by Jonathan Howard

It looks like Kansas City is going to get one of the best country music shows of the summer. George Strait has added Parker McCollum to his July 30 show. Now, the show will include McCollum, Chris Stapleton, Little Big Town, and of course, the King himself. Arrowhead Stadium is going to be rockin’ when this show comes to town.

I’m not sure there is a four-act lineup in country music that could capture almost the entirety of the country music world. You’ve got a little something for everyone, of all ages. Of course, McCollum’s addition is going to excite younger fans and fans of newer country. He is one of the bright young stars in the genre and has been having a great couple of years.

Hollywood Gold was the highest-selling debut county music EP in 2020. Since then, the singer has only increased the momentum he is having in the industry. In the last year, he was able to make his Grand Ole Opry debut as well as his debut at the Houston Rodeo.

Arrowhead Stadium doesn’t have a ton of concerts and events. In the history of the stadium, only 53 concerts or music festivals were held at the venue. Strait’s concert will be number 54. However, even with the small number of shows, this will be the fourth time that the King of Country has played at the stadium. His previous shows were in 1998-99 and 2001. So, it’s a bit of a special performance for him as well.

In his young career, Parker McCollum has covered some George Strait while out on tour. So, could we see the young and old come together on stage at Arrowhead? It’s possible.

George Strait adds Parker McCollum to Star-Studded Lineup

Does it get better than this? Any time Chris Stapleton and George Strait get on stage together, even just on the same night, it’s going to be great. Add McCollum to that and Little Big Town and it’s a recipe for success. I suspect that this show is going to sell out and I’m not sure it will take all that long.

In the meantime, Strait has other shows planned. He is actually playing in Lincoln, Nebraska tomorrow, April 23. That show is going to be awesome. Pinnacle Bank Arena is a good place to catch a concert and with Strait, there’s never a bad night. You add the fact that he has shows with Willie Nelson and Randy Rogers at the end of next week in Austin, Texas, and the string of great performances just doesn’t stop.

Oh, and it’s a very important anniversary for the country music legend.

As more of these shows are announced, it just gets me more excited about the live music that will be playing all summer. Last year was an introduction back to live performances. However, 2022 seems like it will be the year things are back in full force. If you can get tickets, don’t miss out on a George Strait show, especially if he’s bringing Parker McCollum along for the ride.