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George Strait Gives His Opinion on Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘1883’

by Samantha Whidden
George Strait
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

Speaking about his other interests besides music, George Strait shared his opinion about Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone and 1883

While speaking to Cowboys & Indians, the country music legend said he has seen both shows and thought they were great. “Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] were outstanding in 1883,” Strait declared. “And of course, Kevin Costner [in Yellowstone] is always great.” 

While he watches TV a lot, George Strait said that his major hobby is to be outside. “I play a lot of golf now, if the weather is good, I’m usually doing that,” he explained. The country music hitmaker then said that he recently took a golf trip to Scotland, which was amazing. “Prestwick is my favorite course other than the Old Course at St Andrew’s.”

Meanwhile, Strait spoke about his future hunting and fish trips, which includes going to Africa again. He then discussed riding his favorite rope horse, Joker on his brother. He noted the horse is still in pretty good shape forms age.”

George Strait Shares More Details About His Premium Spirits Brand Código

Along with discussing his interests away from his iconic music career, George Strait shared more details about the progress his premium spirits brand, Código, is making. 

“Código is really taking off,” the country music star stated. He noted the brand is becoming a top-selling tequila in a very competitive market. Strait admitted that what’s the most surprising about the venture is how hard it is to actually get a spirits beverage into stores. 

“There’s only so much shelf space and there are so many tequilas out there competing for that space,” he then continued. He offered his key phrase about the business, “If it’s not your favorite, you haven’t tried it.” The music icon stands by his beverage brand and encourages fans to try it.

While recalling how the brand got started, Strait said he started drinking it when it didn’t have a name and was just in random bottles. He then named it  Código 1530 and introduced it to the world. 

The Country Music Legend Talks About His Son & Grandchildren Getting Into Music  

Pivoting to his family life, George Strait spoke about how his son, Bubba, is following in his footsteps. The younger Strait is now getting into songwriting, guitar, and performing. 

“I love writing with him and we’ll have some new things for the next record,” Strait gushed. He then said his grandson had been playing drums for a bit but is taking a break. His current interest is playing baseball as well as hunting and fishing. In regards to his granddaughter, Strait said he’s heard a little of her singing from time to time. 

“She sounded pretty good,” Strait added. “It’s way too early to predict something like that, but I’ll encourage them in whatever it is they decide to do.”