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‘George & Tammy’ Advertisement Full of Fake Quotes Catches Major Heat

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

The New York Times printed an ad for George & Tammy over the weekend that is full of fake movie review quotes, and the publication is catching some major flack for the snafu.

The misprint appeared in the Sunday, Dec. 11, Grey Lady Arts & Leisure section. The full-page spread shows the film cover, and dazzling words of praise are scattered around the top.

“A masterpiece,” said Collider.

“Best series of the year,” Rolling Stones wrote.

While the series has earned critical praise, none of the printed quotes actually came from the attached sources. Every single one of them was made up.

Once the mistake came to light, the Times published a statement that reads, “Due to an error, the version of the George & Tammy ad printed in the Dec 11 issue of the Arts & Leisure section ran with incorrect quotes. The below ad is correct.”

According to Deadline, there is actually a logical explanation behind the incident. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone involved thinks the excuse is acceptable.

The ‘George & Tammy’ Ad Mistake Boils Down to a Communication Breakdown

The mistake boiled down to a communication breakdown. Showtime sent a mock-up to the New York Times, and the quotes were only there as placeholders, which is a typical practice. Someone was supposed to fill them with legitimate reviews before printing the ad. But no one told that someone about the plans.

The NYT prints and publishes most of its non-website material days in advance. Only the breaking news section goes to the presses on Saturday night, which is hours before the Sunday delivery. That promotion somehow got lost in the mix and sent to print well before it was meant to.

The error was noticed before the rest of the world saw it. But for unknown reasons, it was too late to fix.

Deadline reached out to Showtime for a statement, but the network did not respond. However, sources said that there are a lot of “red-faced and P.O.’d” employees and execs.

George & Tammy dropped on Dec. 4, and Showtime has been airing each of the six installments every Sunday. The story follows the dramatic marriage between country music legends George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

Over three million people tuned in to watch the debut, and the initial ratings came in higher than any Showtime series in history. And it has held on to a strong viewership by giving an un-glamorized, true representation of the singers.

George & Tammy succeeds where so many other biopics fail,” reads a real review by the Hollywood Reporter, “by bringing its subjects to life not as legends — but simply as a man and a woman, profoundly and imperfectly in love.”