Get Your Weekend Started Early With This Acoustic Version of Cody Jinks’ ‘Must Be the Whiskey’

by Clayton Edwards

Is this the longest week in recorded history? The science is still out on that. However, it sure feels like this week has been the longest six months we’ve ever lived through. If you, like many other Outsiders, are looking to get your weekend kicked off a little early, you’re in luck. This video of Cody Jinks doing an acoustic rendition of “Must Be the Whiskey” will have you feeling like it’s Friday evening.

Over the past couple of months, Cody Jinks has been rocking crowds all over the United States. Some of those crowds were lucky enough to see Cody and some of his pals play acoustic sets. There’s something about an unplugged performance that makes the music hit differently. When all the effects afforded by electric instruments and amplifiers are stripped away, it leaves behind a special kind of magic.

Cody Jinks and his pals worked that magic on a sold-out crowd at Bernie’s Beach Bar in New Hampshire back in June. Luckily for us, YouTuber and fan Amy Karibian was there to capture the killer performance. Check it out below and just remember that the weekend is right around the corner.

Cody Jinks Does Things His Way

The thing that sets Cody Jinks apart from many other country music artists is that he doesn’t seem to care about making hits. He writes and releases music that his fanbase can feel in their bones. From the outside looking in, that’s all that matters to Jinks. He bucks the system does things his way, and lets his music speak for itself.

Recently, Cody Jinks made the bold decision to send a song from 2015 to country radio. “Loud and Heavy” came from Jinks’ album The Adobe Sessions. The song is a Platinum-certified fan favorite that has garnered over 400 million streams. So, it will be interesting to see how a song that is already a hit with his listeners does on the radio.

Cody Jinks opened up about that bold decision just before “Loud and Heavy” hit the airwaves. “A good song is never dated,” he said about the single. However, there is more to why he decided to send the seven-year-old song. “The first year, mainstream radio basically told us we weren’t allowed to be in the club,” Jinks explained. “We couldn’t release it because we didn’t have the proper backing. And then they basically said ‘Well, it’s not a proven hit.’”

Now, though, “Loud and Heavy” is a hit. It just hasn’t made its rounds on terrestrial radio. “After it went Platinum,” Cody Jinks said, “we kind of went back and said, ‘Will you play it now? We checked all the boxes.’ Like, put your money where your mouth is.”