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Gordon Burns, TV & Music Star Known as Country Boy Eddie, Dies at 92

by Shelby Scott
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Country music bid goodbye to another of the genre’s stalwarts this week following the death of Gordon Burns, a popular TV and music star more commonly known as “Country Boy Eddie.” Country Boy Eddie died peacefully at home per a Friday statement at the age of 92.

According to The U.S. Sun, Burns’ central audience was located in Birmingham, Alabama. Per the outlet, he was most prominently recognized for his long reign as host of The Country Boy Eddie Show on the Fox affiliate station, WBRC. He was also an extremely talented musician, commonly thrilling fans with his skills on the fiddle and guitar. However, that’s not to say he hadn’t also mastered other instruments including the banjo, bass, mouth harp, and accordion.

In a statement to WBRC, Gordon Burns’ loved ones said, “This morning, Country Boy Eddie passed away peacefully at his home in Warrior. He was a trailblazer for both the Alabama music and television scenes, and his contributions will continue to live on.”

Burns’ loved ones concluded their statement, “The Burns family would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the viewers, fans, musicians, and everyone else who made his life so special.”

WBRC also shared a statement honoring Gordon Burns.

“The picking and grinning began before the sun came up at 4:30 every morning right here in the WBRC studio,” the news station said. “Surrounded by buddies like Happy Hal the show became one of the longest-running live shows in history.”

The Country Boy Eddie Show originally aired in 1957 and concluded decades later in 1993.

Country Boy Eddie was most prominently known for his long career in the AL country music and television scene prior to his death. However, long before The Country Boy Eddie Show even concluded, the late star had a hand in the careers of prominent country music icons such as Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette.

Years ago, Gordon Burns spoke about why he liked to feature musicians and other talents at the very beginning of their careers. He said, “That helped my show. I love people, and I love people who didn’t have a chance.”

During the show’s long run, Burns also featured icons like Marilyn Monroe and Emmy Lou Harris.

Deadline reports that outside of music, the long-running show also served as a platform for comedy, interviews, funeral announcements, and advertisements. Burns also shared “folksy talk” with a variety of AL locals, which included professionals from within the world of politics to professional wrestlers and other athletes.

Prior to Country Boy Eddie’s death in January, country music fans mourned the loss of icons like Loretta Lynn and Naomi Judd in 2022.