Gwen Stefani Admits She Once Thought Blake Shelton’s Southern Accent Was ‘Fake’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

While the love between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani of The Voice is real, there was one time when Stefani thought this was “fake.” What in the world could it be? Well, Stefani is married to a guy who has a Southern accent. She kind of didn’t believe that was his real voice for a period of time. But alas, that’s just the way Shelton talks. Stefani eventually got used to it. Heck, she probably finds it quite attractive and becoming these days.

The happy couple can be seen on Mondays and Tuesdays on the NBC competition show. But Stefani was broached with a question from new coach Camila Cabello about Blake’s accent. It’s really cute to see how she and Stefani interact after Cabello asks Gwen about Blake’s accent. Cabello asked Stefani if Shelton’s accent had rubbed off on her. Stefani had a pretty quick reply. “Um, I used to be like ‘When are you going to stop talking like that,'” she said. “‘Like, that’s so fake.’ And then it actually, it was his real voice. So, I kind of got used to it.”

We get a chance to see Stefani and Cabello have their back-and-forth about Shelton’s voice in this clip from The Voice. Access Hollywood offers some additional clips of interviews done with both Shelton and Stefani.

Blake Shelton’s Phone Still Lists Gwen Stefani In This Way

After so much time together, you could make the right assumption that they are tied to one another. With their off-screen and on-screen time, one might believe Blake Shelton has a cute nickname for Stefani. Yet we have learned that Shelton has kept Stefani listed in one specific way. Her name on Shelton’s phone remains listed as “My Girlfriend.” He said during an interview on the TODAY Show that “It still seems like it’s pretty new to me. The nervous phase is still there.”

For anyone who has been watching Shelton for a red-hot minute, then you know that he has a new single out. It’s titled “No Body” and has a little 1990s style to it. Well, one thing that we did get to see is his trademark mullet. No, he did not grow it all the way back. A mullet found its way onto his head for the video. It’s pretty cool if you get to see the song performed by Shelton. While talking on the TODAY Show, Shelton has some thoughts about how much Stefani would have been down with the hairstyle. “To Gwen, that’s like an exotic, weird thing, that she was never around people that had mullets,” Shelton said in the interview. “To her it’s cool, and she probably wishes I had one.”