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Hank Williams Jr. Remembers Late Wife Mary Jane With Pics From Their Hunting Trips Over the Years

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

The country music world is full of great love stories. We talk a lot about Johnny & June, Faith & Tim, and Garth & Trisha. However, Hank Williams Jr and his late wife Mary Jane Thompson might have one of the sweetest love stories in the business. Unfortunately, they get largely overlooked when we talk about country’s power couples, probably because Mary Jane wasn’t also a country star.

This was only one of many differences between Hank Williams Jr and his late wife. He’s a rough and rowdy redneck and outlaw country icon. She was a Daytona Beach beauty queen. I’m sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If we left it at that, we could just fall back on the old adage “opposites attract.” But, the couple had plenty in common. For one, Hank and Mary Jane shared a love for the outdoors.

In a recent Twitter thread, Hank Williams Jr shared some stories about his late wife along with some photos from their outdoor excursions. In this brief look into their 38-year-long love, we see one thing that brought them together.

Hank Williams Jr Celebrates His Late Wife and Fellow Outdoor Enthusiast

In the first tweet of the thread, Hank Williams Jr recounts the day he met his future wife. “On July 4th, 1984 I met a beautiful young lady in a Hawaiian Tropic bikini at a huge outdoor concert in Washington, D.C. She was 20 years old and drop-dead gorgeous! That’s the day my world changed forever,” he wrote.

In the next tweet, Hank Williams Jr talked about how quickly his wife took to life in the outdoors. “The girl from Daytona Beach came to the snow-covered mountains of Montana and fell in love. She could hit an elk at 400 yards sitting on the side of a cold mountain go from that to dressing up for an awards show.”

In the photos attached to the post, we see Mary Jane with some impressive trophies. She’s smiling next to a downed bear, a lion, and a tamed outlaw.

In the next post, Hank Williams Jr recounted far-flung hunting trips with his late wife. “She hunted Africa, where we slept on cots out in the open listening to the lions and the hippos and the hyenas,” he wrote. However, it didn’t stop there. They traveled as far north as Alaska to hunt Kodiak bears and moose. They traveled to South America on fishing trips. He summed Mary Jane’s prowess up by saying, “She could and did DO IT ALL!”

Hank Jr Remembers the Most Important Thing About Mary Jane

Hank Williams Jr closed the thread with a sweet tribute to his late wife. “38 wonderful years she gave me. Her kind spirit and beautiful and endearing love carries on in the hearts of our son Sam, grandsons Beau and Tennyson, and granddaughter Aubrey Jane. Of course, she will be missed and loved by so many forever.”