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HARDY and Wife Caleigh Ryan Get Special Shoutout From Ozzy Osbourne After Wedding

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

One of country music‘s biggest rockstars married the love of his life back in October, as Hardy and Caleigh Ryan tied the knot at Diamond Creek Farms in Nashville.

An emotional HARDY called the day he got married “the most important day of his life.” He also admitted that he got so emotional that he “cried his ass off” during the ceremony.

Although being romantic may not necessarily mesh with HARDY’s rowdy persona, the genuine love he has for his wife was evident on his wedding day. Some of his songs like “Broke Boy” approach relationships with a humorous tone, but they also showcase how deeply thoughtful he is about sharing his feelings through musical storytelling. That emotional dichotomy was evident on his wedding day too.

Even though the guest list for their nuptial festivities included big names like HARDY’s good buddies Dierks Bentley and Morgan Wallen, the matrimonial musical harmonies for their reception were actually provided by an unheralded cover band from Mississippi known as “Mustache the Band” that played strictly ’90’s country.

Though Hardy said he typically avoids the bars on Broadway in Downtown Nashville, the after-party from their ceremony spilled over to Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge where they partied it up like tourists in their own town.

This is where the story takes a totally random twist.

Ozzy Osbourne Just Gave Hardy and Caleigh Ryan a Wedding Shoutout

Hardy and his wife both posted a personal video they received from Ozzy Osbourne a few days ago. The British rockstar congratulates the happy couple on their new life together. Ozzy also mentions that the guitars in Hardy’s songs are getting louder and louder, and encourages him to continue turning up the volume of his music with an uncensored F-bomb.

While it is possible that Ozzy Osbourne just loves love so much that he wanted to share a heartfelt sentimental message with Hardy, it’s also entirely possible that this video is a preview for a potential musical collaboration sometime in the near future.

Hardy’s most recent new songs steered his authentic redneck lyricism more towards a classic rock style of acoustics to create a sound that is uniquely his. The Mockingbird & The Crow perfectly showcases that unique combination meshed into a badass song.

Here’s to hoping he keeps taking his sound more towards Rock N’ Roll and we get a Hardy and Ozzy Osbourne duet to blow the speakers out of our trucks with some time down the road.