HARDY Announces ‘The Mockingbird & The Crow’ Tour for 2023

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

HARDY’s been keeping fans on their toes the last few months. He shocked and delighted fans with his rock-heavy hit “SOLD OUT” which dropped last spring before debuting another metallic piece, “JACK,” at the end of September. Almost immediately after, though, news broke that he and several of his crew members had been involved in a serious bus accident. Days later, that experience has (seemingly) inspired the singer-songwriter to be more proactive about sharing new songs and projects. After debuting “JACK,” HARDY announced via social media three brand new releases from his upcoming album, the mockingbird & THE CROW. These include “here lies country music,” “the mockingbird & THE CROW,” and “TRUCK BED.” Already, the songs have seen rave reviews from fans. And as if that weren’t exciting enough, HARDY is also planning to get back on the road, headlining his own The Mockingbird & The Crow Tour in the New Year.

According to Music Row, The Mockingbird & The Crow Tour consists of a 16-date run. The tour launches on February 16th in Indianapolis, Indiana. Joining HARDY is “Cold Beer Calling My Name” singer Jameson Rodgers, as well as rock newcomers, Blame My Youth. HARDY’s 2023 tour promises to be unique compared to other country stars’. Not only will it feature many country music themes that we love, but it will also give us a taste of HARDY’s preference for rock-leaning instrumentals.

Speaking about the upcoming tour and his unreleased album, the ambitious artist said, “I’m incredibly grateful to be able to bring this record to you next year. Touring it is something I’ve been thinking about since we started the recording process.

HARDY also expressed pride in the work he put into the mockingbird & The Crow.

“This album is my best work so far,” he insisted. “I truly believe that, and I want this tour to reflect that every night.”

‘Give Heaven Some Hell’ Marked an Important Single for HARDY

“SOLD OUT” and “JACK” continue to see love on streaming platforms. But now, we’re reflecting on some of HARDY’s previous hits including his heartfelt single “Give Heaven Some Hell.”

HARDY’s expressed before that he intends his songs to have purpose and to connect with his audience. And “SOLD OUT” and “JACK do just that, the former highlighting the success HARDY’s seen in his career so far and “JACK” exploring addiction and alcoholism. However, “Give Heaven Some Hell” creates a much deeper connection with fans.

Reflecting on that 2021 success, HARDY explained that “Give Heaven Some Hell” was an important single to put out. Coming off of “One Beer,” he said, “You don’t know how many singles you’re gonna get off a record. I didn’t wanna waste any time, and I was ready to give this to anybody that needs to hear it. It was important for me to get that message out because I know that this song helps people.”

Of country music and his career overall, he added, “That’s probably the number one reason why I do this, to make people feel something or to help them.”