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HARDY Explains Why Lainey Wilson Was the Perfect Fit for ‘Wait in the Truck’

by Shelby Scott
Lainey Wilson & HARDY Perform at 56th CMA Awards
(ABC via Getty Images)

On Friday, January 20th, HARDY dropped his long-awaited, jam-packed sophomore album the mockingbird & THE CROW. Among new songs like “beer,” “red,” and “.30-06,” HARDY’s duet with Lainey Wilson, “wait in the truck”—which absolutely dominated at country radio—also features on the album. With the mockingbird & THE CROW sure to spin out other popular singles, HARDY is speaking out about why Lainey Wilson was the perfect fit for the intense radio hit.

According to CMT, HARDY penned “wait in the truck” with world-renowned songwriter Hunter Phelps. Reflecting on the tune, he said that despite its difficult topic, he and Phelps didn’t encounter any problems while writing the lyrics. Then, thinking about who he could invite to sing the duet with him, it wasn’t long before he decided on Lainey Wilson.

“We sat around and talked about other people and this person and that person and all that,” HARDY shared, and, “I don’t mean this out of any disrespect, but Lainey is that girl. She’s the most authentic.”

Of Wilson’s vocals on the song, the sing-songwriter continued, “I believe her voice when she sings it, that it actually happened to her, which it didn’t, thankfully.”

He further explained, “She just becomes that person [in the song] because she is authentically herself … I wanted that song to move people and help people get through a hard time. And I knew that her voice was going to be the voice that makes people believe it, which makes people relate it to themselves more. And so, it was always Lainey.”

Brantley Gilbert Details Penning ‘Heaven By Then’ with HARDY

Before beginning work on his 17-song album the mockingbird & THE CROW, HARDY gained footholds in the realm of country music through songwriting. In the past, HARDY’s penned hits like “Up Down” for Morgan Wallen, “God’s Country” for Blake Shelton, and Jameson Rodgers’ “Some Girls.” More recently though, the award-winning singer-songwriter partnered up with country-rock singer Brantley Gilbert for his latest single, “Heaven By Then.” As the new song thrills at country radio, Brantley Gilbert spoke out about his experience working with the 32-year-old hitmaker.

“He’s obviously good at what he does,” the “Son of the Dirty South” singer said earlier this month. “And he does his homework too. It’s not like he’ll just sit down in a room and expect something awesome to happen. He shows up with ideas. I think one of his big strengths is he holds his place in a room.”

And when you’re working with someone like Brantley Gilbert, that’s certainly a positive trait to have. The country-rock crooner explained, “I have a tendency to be overbearing in a room,” meaning, “if I think it’s somethin’ I want to put on my record, I’ll just straight up steal it.”

HARDY, it seems, doesn’t let the singer’s antics fly. Instead, he holds his ground and claims his work, and that has earned him major respect from Brantley Gilbert.

“If he has a really solid line,” the artist explained, “he’ll stand up for it … he’s not a pushover when it comes to that … I just feel like he molds into a room well.”