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HARDY Says He Was Shocked After Ozzy Osbourne Sent Him a Wedding Video

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for ACM)

HARDY’s October wedding came with plenty of expected well-wishes and praise, but when heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne sent congratulations, the country music singer was so starstruck that he thought he was being pranked.

This past weekend, the Black Sabbath frontman posted a video to his Instagram account. In it, he said, “Michael and Cailegh, congratulations to you both. I heard the wedding was a hell of a party. Have a wonderful life together.”

“Michael,” he continued, “those guitars are gettin’ louder in your songs. So get f***ing loud!”

The singer captioned the video, “@Hardy, I hope you and your bride have many many happy years together.”

Ozzy Osbourne wears his rocker hear, and his band’s hit War Pigs plays in the background. It’s a legit message from the man himself. But upon his first few views, HARDY wasn’t so sure.

HARDY’s Ozzy Osbourne Message Was a Gift From a Pal

The comment section exploded with surprised reactions. But no one was as surprised as HARDY, who had absolutely “no idea” the message was coming.

“I mean, it was pretty f–king awesome — I’m not gonna lie,” the newlywed told Taste of Country during a press event.

“It was a complete shock,” he continued. “I felt like I was being pranked, or like it was CGI — you know how on Instagram these days, you can put anybody’s face on your face? I didn’t think it was real. But it’s pretty cool.”

Apparently, one of HARDY’s good friends asked the icon to record and post the video. The friend works for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which Ozzy has been long associated with.

War Pigs was the official theme for the 2020 NXT TakeOver: WarGames, and he is a WWE Hall of Fame celebrity inductee. So the friend has a working relationship with the singer.

“So they were doing a content day with Ozzy and my buddy just slipped in an extra script at the end,” HARDY explained. “And they put a video together…Unfortunately, I don’t personally know Ozzy, but hopefully one day I’ll get to hang out with him.”

The gift proved to be a perfect idea for the couple. And HARDY and Caleigh Ryan have since both reposted the message to their own Instagram pages. It seems that they’ll be enjoying the legendary message for years to come.

“CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT?!!?” Ryan wrote alongside her repost. “WHAT!!!! OZZYYYY!!”