HARDY Shows the Dark Side of the Bottle With His New Song ‘Jack’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for ACM)

HARDY saw almost instant success with the release of his latest single “Wait in the Truck.” The single, a song about domestic violence, features one of country music‘s rising stars, Lainey Wilson. Currently, “Wait in the Truck” is seeing huge success across country radio. But not long after its release, HARDY also put out another new project: “JACK.”

Like “Wait in the Truck,” “JACK” tells a difficult story. However, this time, HARDY’s addressing alcoholism. The lyrics highlight the extreme behavior people that struggle with this addiction exhibit and the consequences they endure. Some of the most intense lines read, “Don’t listen to mama, hell, I ain’t the devil/Ditch me when you wanna but if you need a little/I can fix your problems, I always got your back/I can make you famous, by the way my name is/Jack.”

Speaking about “JACK” before its release, HARDY shared, “‘JACK’ was originally written before ‘SOLD OUT.'” HARDY fans know “SOLD OUT” is another of the award-winning singer-songwriter’s rock-heavy projects. “It kind of got the ball rolling,” he continued.

Per CMT, HARDY is one of several hard-hitting brand new country artists. He’s unafraid of blending hard rock sounds and vocals with values and themes common in country music. He further said about the brand new piece, “I love the story it tells — it’s got some deep undertones about alcohol and how it can have a strong grip on people and can really bring you down. I hope people can kind of read through that lyric and understand it. It rocks, and I’m excited for the world to hear it.”

Take a Look at What Inspired HARDY’s ‘Wait in the Truck’

The intense messages portrayed in both “JACK” and “Wait in the Truck” seem to, potentially, speak to a new, upcoming project—specifically one that heavily features rock. As such, it will first be interesting to see what country music fans think of the singer-songwriter’s increasingly common blend of rock and country. And second, it makes us wonder what other new projects the star has coming up over the next few months.

So far, HARDY continues to maintain his silence regarding any potential upcoming albums and projects. And he hasn’t exactly spoken out about “Wait in the Truck’s” success either. However, with the near-instant success of the new duet, his singing partner, Lainey Wilson, did take a minute to go behind the scenes of the song.

Speaking about the song’s creation, Wilson shared, “HARDY has always been a buddy of mine…So of course, when he sent me this song, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.”

More importantly, though, she explained, “it’s really just the message that this song puts out there. You rarely hear songs like this. It is a song about domestic violence. But it’s bringing light to heavy situations that people are scared to talk about. And I really, truly believe that it’s our job as artists to sing about the things that some folks are scared to talk about.”