How Kenny Chesney Inspired Ashton Kutcher’s First ‘I Love You’ to Mila Kunis

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for Kenny Chesney)

Kenny Chesney had a hand in Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s love story. Even if he didn’t know it. The “Beer With My Friends” singer recently joined the “That 70s Show” star on his new podcast. The series is called “Our Future Selves” and it’s for Peloton Tread. He’s been discussing training for the upcoming New York City marathon. He has great guests along the way, and it turns out that his first “I love you” to Mila Kunis involved a country song.

“The first time that I told my wife I love her was while listening to ‘You and Tequila,'” Kutcher admitted to Kenny Chesney. “I might have had a little too much tequila. I showed up drunk at her house at two in the morning and just started screaming, ‘You and tequila make me crazy.’ I told her I love her and she was like, ‘Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Are you gonna love me in the morning when you wake up from this hangover?’ And I woke up the next morning and I said, ‘I still love you.'”

“You and Tequila” was the fourth single from Kenny Chesney’s album Hemingway’s Whiskey. It featured a guest appearance from Grace Potter, and it was co-written by Deana Carter. She and her co-writer, Matraca Berg, each recorded their own versions of the song on their own albums. Deana Carter’s was in 2003; Berg’s in 2013.

“I had no idea that me and Grace Potter were such a part of a really intimate detail for you and your wife,” Kenny Chesney replied.

Kenny Chesney Was Part of Ashton Kutcher’s Love Story

The podcast has had several revealing moments. Recently, Natalie Portman joined Ashton Kutcher. The two talked about how their “No Strings Attached” looked a lot like “Friends With Benefits.” Both films were released in 2011. Mila Kunis starred alongside Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” at about the same time, and that’s when Kutcher met his future wife.

“Mila and I had shot ‘Black Swan’ right before,” Portman said. “So we were all making out with each other.”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis married in 2015 and they share two children.

As for Kenny Chesney? He just wrapped one of the most massive stadium tours in the history of music. The tour wrapped with two dates at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro earlier this month, and it surpassed the one million ticket mark. The “Here and Now” tour was two years in the making. It was delayed by the pandemic, and fans were eager to get back to the show. He mixed in some shed stops along the way. One night he’d play for 60,000; the next, he may play for 8,000. “Beer With My Friends” hit radio as the tour concluded.