How Volunteering at a Children’s Hospital Reminded Lainey Wilson of the ‘Power of Music’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Lainey Wilson’s at the top of her game right now. Currently, she has two songs in the Top 30, a brand new album dropping at the end of the month, and CMT recently named her 2022’s Breakout Artist of the Year. However, despite her surely chaotic schedule, the country music star is still finding time to give back. Most recently, she lent a helping hand at Children’s Hospital Colorado where, afterward, she said her experience truly reminded her of the “power of music.”

According to CMT, Lainey Wilson partnered up with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for her latest endeavor. Per the outlet, the foundation is a non-profit who, above all else, aims to create broadcast media centers within children’s hospitals across the nation. Those broadcast centers then serve as a creative outlet enabling patients to more easily navigate difficult times and experiences.

Reflecting on her experience at the CO children’s hospital on Tuesday evening, Lainey Wilson said, “This experience today was one of my favorite experiences so far that I have had in an 11-year career of being in Nashville trying to do this.”

She continued, “Moments like today remind me why the Lord even gave me this gift, and it’s to share it with people who need me and music.”

The video that she posted sees Lainey Wilson outside the volunteer event reflecting on her experience. But it also shows her in one of the Seacrest Foundation’s broadcast studios. There, we find her singing her newest single “Heart Like a Truck” to a bunch of attentive ears.

Following are photos of Lainey Wilson and the children’s hospitals patients, ranging in age from infancy up through adolescence.

Fans praised Lainey Wilson for her work with the non-profit and for her work in country music.

“You just made those sweet babies day!” one fan gushed. “Just another reason you are one of my favorites.”

A second commenter added, “Music IS Medicine.”

Lainey Wilson Reveals ‘Wait in the Truck’s Origins with HARDY

Lainey Wilson has a lot of new music coming out, most prominently her album Bell Bottom Country at the end of the month. However, “Wait in the Truck” with HARDY is one of her newest hits, and it has a powerful message.

Overall, “Wait in the Truck” addresses domestic violence. The song paints the desperation some people feel when they find themselves in dangerous, toxic relationships. As “Wait in the Truck” continues to see love on country radio, Lainey Wilson is speaking out about the powerful song’s origins.

“You know, HARDY has always been a buddy of mine,” Lainey Wilson began while speaking with Sirius XM’s The Highway.

“Anytime his truck breaks down, who does he call? Me. To borrow my truck. So of course we’re singing a song about a truck. But I love HARDY,” she gushed. “When I tell you, when I think of the best songwriters in Nashville—really just in the world—he is one of those people. He makes me want to be a better write.”

Of “Wait in the Truck,” she concluded, “of course when he sent me this song, we couldn’t say yes quick enough.”