Ian Munsick Unwinds on the Latest Single From His Upcoming Album

by Taylor Cunningham

Ian Munsick dropped his newest single today. And it pays the perfect tribute to his two favorite passions, Horses and Weed.

The single comes from his much-anticipated sophomore album. And in it, he explains just how he prefers to unwind.

As he admits in the refrain, Horses and weed/ That’s all I need/ Till the day that I die/ I’ll live riding high/ Free in the air/ Wind in my hair/ Just the blue and green/ A palomino and me/ Horses and weed.

The feel of the song is reminiscent of his “high riding” memories with its smooth, almost tranquil elements.

Ian Munsick Weaves His Rocky Mountain Childhood into His Music

Ian Munsick hit the Country Music industry in 2021 with his debut album, Coyote Cry. As he told People that year, he made it a point to break the redundancies plaguing the genre by offering a genuine peek into his real-life western ways.

“People can smell a fraud from 300 miles away,” he said. “Nobody else can be more you than you. That’s just always rung true to me. Be who you are and be the best version of you because that’s going to give you longevity. I keep it real and I bring life to the experiences I have had both in Wyoming and in Tennessee in my music.”

As Munsick shares in both Horses and Weed and the interview, recent Country songs have become all about drinking beer and driving trucks. So he took his lyrics back to the old-school days when western music was about hard work and true love. And he’s been perfecting his style ever since he was a boy growing up in the Rocky Mountains.

Musick has two older brothers. And in their spare time, they would pen original songs. In his opinion, Wyoming is just as Western as Tennessee and Texas. But for some reason, it’s rarely represented in Country music. So the Munsick boys made sure to change that. And now that he’s an adult with a record deal, he’s bringing that sentiment to the radio.

“We played everything from bluegrass to western swing to The Beatles to Ray Price,” Munsick continued. “My love of music came at a young age. It was as if I always knew I wanted to bring that piece of Wyoming to the rest of the world.”

The singer is currently on the road with Cody Johnson and Morgan Wallen. And he’ll helm his first Munsick-centric tour this fall.