Isaac Hoskins Recalls the Chance Meeting with Taylor Sheridan That Led to Him Being Featured on ‘Yellowstone’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Peter Salisbury via IVPR)

Last month, Isaac Hoskins released the first single from his most recent album Bender. At the time, Hoskins planned to drop that album in December. However, he decided to release it last Friday to coincide with his song “Off the Wagon” being featured on Yellowstone.

Yellowstone has a long history of featuring independent country artists and helping them blow up. For example, Zach Bryan got a huge bump when his music was featured on the show. Additionally, Whiskey Myers exploded right after they appeared on the show. Isaac Hoskins is well aware of those success stories. However, he’s not setting his expectations that high. In a recent interview with Outsider, Hoskins said that his career is already bigger than it was before. “I’ve been playing patio gigs for the past four years. So, if this turns out to be huge, then that’s cool,” he said. “But, if it turns into a situation where I can fill up a 200-400 capacity room anywhere I go, that would be really awesome too.”

Overall, Hoskins just wants to be able to do what he loves while taking care of his family. “If I can just do this, pay my bills, and take care of my family with songs, that’s a dream come true to me.”

Isaac Hoskins on His Chance Meeting with Taylor Sheridan

Sometimes, when we hear independent acts on Yellowstone, it’s because the producers discovered the artists online and reached out to them. For, Isaac Hoskins though, this situation stemmed from a case of wrong place, right time.

Isaac Hoskins was at the Mercury Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas on a weeknight. He was there opening for Jason Hawk Harris. As he recalls, it was just before the second season of Yellowstone aired, but he had never watched the show.

“I think I was maybe one or two songs into the set and I look over at the door. This couple’s coming in and they’re remarkably more attractive than anyone else in the building,” Hoskins recalled. “I was like ‘Man, I wonder who that is.’ And I just finished my set.” He didn’t give the couple another thought.

Then, after he finished his set and stepped off the stage, a woman took him to meet Taylor Sheridan. The name rang a bell, but Hoskins wasn’t sure where he’d heard it before. “I recognized the name, but I wasn’t sure from where. So, I went outside and had a cigarette and Googled him and I was like ‘Holy sh*t, that’s David Hale from Sons of Anarchy.’”

Isaac Hoskins and Taylor Sheridan became friendly over the past few years. Sheridan has also hired Hoskins to play several private parties. “This whole thing has been brewing for a while now. They’ve been hiring me to play private parties and horse shows for a while now. So I sent him the new record and he liked it and the rest is history.”

The Best Part of the Story…

Maybe the best part of the story is that Taylor Sheridan and his wife were at the wrong bar. “Taylor and his wife were out on a date,” Isaac Hoskins recalled. “They were supposed to meet somebody at a different club, they weren’t even supposed to be at the Mercury Motor Lounge that night. When they came in, they figured out they were in the wrong bar, but Taylor refused to leave until I was done.”

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more of Isaac Hoskins on Yellowstone in the future. While you’re at it, go check out his new album Bender to see why Taylor Sheridan wanted Hoskins and his tunes on the show.