Jake Owen Sends Well-Wishes to His Fellow Floridians as Hurricane Ian Lashes the State

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday. It reach Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, with 155 MPH winds. It is the fifth storm in history to hit the state at that speed.

Jake Owen is a native of Winter Haven, Fla. The 41-year-old “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” singer graduated from Vero Beach High School before attending Florida State University. After that, he moved to Nashville to pursue his career in country music. But he hasn’t forgotten the folks back home. In a message on Twitter Wednesday, he sent his best to the people of his home state. Check out the post below.

“I’m thinking about and praying for all of my family and friends down in Florida right now. I’m committing to helping any way we can. Love you guys,” he posted to Twitter.

Stars from every corner of country music have been lending a hand to their home states in the wake of disaster this year. On October 11, Kentucky natives Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers and Dwight Yoakam will come together at Lexington’s Rupp Arena for a benefit. Stapleton and Childers were among folks that went home and got their hands dirty to help. They cleaned out damaged areas, and they didn’t ask for any credit. It only came to light when locals asked them to pose for photos. Stapleton almost went unnoticed in an area Wal-Mart buying supplies for locals that were impacted by the storms.

Maybe that’s what Jake Owen has in mind as Hurricane Ian finishes its’ destruction on the Florida coast. Or maybe he’ll put together a benefit concert of his own. Maybe both. He certainly loves his home state, and Hurricane Ian is certainly going to leave a mess.

Hurricane Ian Strikes the Florida Coast as a Category 4

It’s been a nasty day on the Florida coast as Hurricane Ian made landfall. And a lot of Floridians didn’t heed the advice of experts. One Florida man took to his jet ski in the middle of the storm. Two Florida men decided to take a dip while the destructive waves hit the beaches. And another Florida man stood against the harsh winds and waved an American flag. The Weather Channel icon Jim Cantore was hit by a tree branch trying to get the shot.

At this point, there are sharks swimming in the street. So maybe it’s time to board it up and ride it out. It’s going to be a harsh couple of days on the coast as the eye continues to make its’ way inland. And it’s going to be difficult to measure how much damage was inflicted until the waters calm. But Jake Owen is among Florida natives prepared to lend a hand when we learn more.