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Jake Owen Speaks Out After Unexpected Hospital Visit Last Month

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

In October, country music singer Jake Owen was forced to go to the hospital in the middle of his “Up There Down Here Tour.” A very open post on social media around the same time also concerned fans. In a recent interview with Today’s Country Radio, Owen elaborated on the incident and the candid Instagram post.

The initial social media post that created fear and dread included a series of pictures from an upbeat concert with Mackenzie Carpenter and Travis Denning. The platinum-selling artist, who did not specify what caused his hospitalization or symptoms in the update, shared some advice.

“Full Disclosure. I pretended to feel well all weekend. Tanneryeagerphoto made me look cool. I ended up back in the.” Owen wrote. “I have a lot of people that love and support me. I’m very thankful/ grateful for you. Just because there’s a smile on someone’s face doesn’t mean they aren’t goin thru something. What I think about when I see you in the crowd… ‘What are they goin through? How can I lift them up?’ I can see through the smile sometimes. You guys lift me up. TBH, it was everything I could do to not pass out on stage last night. I got through it though, because I know how lucky I am to do this for a living… I’m not dialing it in. I want to thank my entire crew and team for supporting me on stage and off,” he noted.

Stepping away from the public eye helped Jake Owen take stock of his mental health

After some time away from the public eye, Owen took a medical hiatus to speak with professionals and focus on his health. He discovered that his illness was caused by exhaustion, CMT reports.

He thought about his successful career and how things have changed since he toured with superstar Kenny Chesney in 2015. Owen now believes he is working within a specific time frame. “I just have been struggling a lot lately with… Well, to be real with you, just part of, as an artist, feeling like, okay, I’m 40 now… 41 actually. I keep telling myself I’m 40… I remember being on tour with Kenny Chesney when he turned 40, and I was like, ‘He’s 40?!’ And I remember thinking that. But he still crushed it all these years. But there’s a part of us that as we grow up as artists, you start putting a timeline…,” Owen explained.

“I never thought of myself as having a timeline. I never thought of myself as not the young guy in the format. But now I see all these young kids, and I’m like, oh-… I’m not the young guy anymore. So I think a lot of that has made me just… My brain anyways is always going crazy. So I don’t sleep.” He said that being overworked has significantly decreased the quality of his music and performances. Owen’s return to the stage on Thursday, Nov. 3 in West Valley, Utah was very well received and he has recently wrapped up his successful run.