Jana Kramer Opens Up About Her Split From Ex-Husband Mike Caussin

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin split in 2021. She said that he cheated on her with more than 13 women. Now, the singer and actress is talking more about the relationship and how things went South. In a new interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on her “Red Table Talk,” she says things got violent.

“I shattered so many things in my house,” Jana Kramer said. “There was this pantry door. Me and my girlfriends, we took a bat to it, and we just shattered it. Then, I destroyed all his Xboxes and all of those things that he said was his only vice. I wrote all over his tux. I went real crazy for a minute!”

Jana Kramer said that she noticed red flags early in the relationship.

“There were flags in the beginning,” she said. “He had cheated a month into dating. But I’m like, ‘It’s okay. I’ve cheated in past relationships, and I didn’t forgive myself for it, so I’m going to forgive you. I can make this work. We can make this work.’ And in the marriage, too.”

One of her close friends urged her to look through his phone bills. They had a four-month-old daughter at the time. So Jana Kramer began calling all of the numbers on the bill and discovered that he’d had an affair with 13 women.

“I know we’re both in better situations,” she said. “But I think about this year, my kids won’t wake up at my house Christmas Day. That one’s going to hurt.”

The two married in 2015 and they share two other children.

Jana Kramer Took a Louisville Slugger to Mike’s X-Box

Jana Kramer avoided driving by the hotel where Mike Caussin’s affairs took place.

“I think the intensity changes over time, too,” she said. “I used to avoid going this one route so I wouldn’t see a certain hotel that I knew that he slept with some people at, so I avoided it. But then that made it even worse in my chest. So, then I was like, ‘I’m not going to change my route anymore.'”

Mike Caussin was an NFL tight end that spent time in Jacksonville, Buffalo and Washington. The couple separated a year after their marriage and Mike sought treatment for sex addiction.

Jana Kramer had top ten country hits with “Where Ya Wanna” and “I Got the Boy.” She was also on the WB series One Tree Hill. She also competed on the 23rd season of Dancing With the Stars. Kramer finished fourth. Jana Kramer’s marriage to Mike Caussin was the 38-year-old’s third. She had previous relationships with Michael Gambino and Johnathon Schaech. Gambino was convicted of attempted murder after assaulting Kramer.