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Jason Aldean Opens Up About His ‘Really Stupid’ First Tattoo

by Taylor Cunningham
Jason Aldean
Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Jason Aldean is a well-inked man, and he’s proud of all his tattoos—but one.

The country music star has made it a point to decorate his body with meaningful art and names during his life. He has a microphone to signify his career and palm trees to remind him of beachside paradises. Those trees, which Ink Master Season 9 winner Bubba Irwin wrapped around his left arm, began a sleeve that Aldean is currently building on.

Inside the sleeve, Aldean dons a cross that bares the names of his oldest daughters, Keely and Kendyl, and he has the names Memphis and Navy etched on his forearms to tribute his younger children.

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Finally, the Tattoos on This Town artist has “Brit” written on his wrist. The name, of course, is short for Brittany Aldean, his wife of nearly eight years.

The singer doesn’t regret a single tat above, but he has one piece of shame somewhere on his body—a pitbull with glowing eyes.

Jason Aldean Regrets His Very First Tattoo—a Pit Bull with Glowing Eyes

While talking on the Bobby Bones Show in 2020, Jason Aldean admitted that he highly regrets his very first tattoo.

He went into a hometown shop one day when he was “19 or 20,” and admitted he had no plan other than to get some ink. He has since covered it with a tattoo of a sun, so it’s mostly unrecognizable unless the real sun hits it “just right.”

“No had no idea what I wanted, but I wanted a tattoo. So I walked in and they had all this stuff on the wall. And I’m like,’ give me that one”” he recalled.

While Aldean hinted that the subject of the art didn’t age well, he noted that the biggest problem was the quality.

“It was just a really bad tattoo,” he said in another interview, per Taste of Country. “Like, the guy that did it, he must have just started that week or something. So I ended up having to get a guy to cover it up.”

“That’s really the only one that I regret a little bit that I would have done different,” added Aldean. “But none of the rest of them.”