Jason Aldean Speaks on Having Morgan Wallen’s Back When ‘Everybody Else Was Beating Up on Him’

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes we all need some support. Even country music stars. That’s basically how Jason Aldean put it while talking about Morgan Wallen and his past. Of course, it wasn’t long ago when Wallen went through his own trials. While sponsors, radio stations, and even his booking agency dropped him, not everyone left. Aldean and other artists were apparently right behind him the whole time.

That would make sense, especially when you consider the two have played together on numerous occasions. Of course, they both recently took the stage together in Nashville. Aldean talked with Billboard and discussed his career, new music, family life, and more. Wallen was among the topics the singer and publication talked about.

While talking about his collaborator from tracks such as Whiskey Me Away and The Sad Songs, Aldean brought up the controversy that Wallen went through and how he and others responded.

“There was a small group of us that kind of had Morgan’s back in this whole thing,” the singer said. “When everybody else was beating up on him a bit. Where I’m from, when you got a friend that’s down, you don’t just step on ’em and keep ’em down, you help them get back on their feet and teach ’em and try to help them be better. That’s what we try to do, and I think a lot of people knew that, and that’s why I wanted to go out there [onstage at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena during Wallen’s March 19 show]. He went through a lot, and I think his punishment was a little excessive – but at the same time, the biggest thing is him learning from it.”

So, Jason Aldean and Morgan Wallen go deep it seems. The two, along with others like Eric Church, seem to be a group of new and old artists that stick together.

Jason Aldean Talks Morgan Wallen Amid Album Drop

Of course, it isn’t all playing and hanging out with Morgan Wallen nowadays for Jason Aldean. He just put out the second half of his double album Macon, Georgia. An ode to where he grew up and where he is from, the singer is proud of the album and was inspired by other double albums in the past.

There are 30 tracks for fans to enjoy. That includes those two tracks that were co-written by Wallen himself. When he released the second half of the album, Aldean reflected on what it meant for him.

“‘GEORGIA’ the complete of my 10th studio, double-album ‘MACON, GEORGIA’ is out now! It’s a reflection of where I grew up and who I’ve become. Y’all turn it up and let me know your favorite songs!” the singer announced on Twitter.

So, new music, strong friendships, and doing things the same way he’s always done them. That’s the recipe to success for Jason Aldean. He isn’t afraid to stick to his opinions and his feelings whatsoever. From his music to his personal relationships and more. You’re gonna get what you’re gonna get.