Jason Aldean & Wife Brittany Troll Maren Morris in Halloween Video, Social Media Loses It

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Not holding back with their latest Halloween costumes, Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany troll Maren Morris with their Anchorman skit. 

As previously reported, Jason Aldean and his wife dressed as Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman for this year’s Halloween. The couple dished about various topics going on in NashVegas, including Luke Bryan eating out of a peanut butter jar and Kane Brown dancing on TikTok. As the video came to an end, the duo went back and forth about Nashville staying country or “going woke.” 

Those commenting on the video quickly took notice of the woke statements. “hahahaha ‘Stay Woke Everyone’ hahahaah,” one person declared. Another then shared, “Y’all should do this more often than just around Halloween. Pls continue to post the “nashvegas” news. We need a nashvegas news channel. Ya know, so we can stay woke.”

Maren Morris’ Feud With Jason & Brittany Aldean Began in Late August

Jason Aldean and Morris have been going back and forth with trolling each other since the social media feud between Morris and Brittany began in late August. It all started when Aldean thanked her parents for not “changing her gender” when she went through her adolescent tomboy phase. Morris along with fellow country singer Cascade Pope slammed Brittany for the comments, calling them transphobic. 

Jason Aldean’s wife called out the critics by stating they took her comments out of context. “Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender-affirming care’ is one of the worst evils. I will always support my children and do what I can to protect their innocence. The other day, [my son] Memphis wanted to be a dinosaur, and tomorrow [my daughter] Navy will want to be a cat, they’re children.”

In response to being labeled as “Insurrection Barbie” by Morris, Jason Aldean’s wife released Barbie-inspired apparel. Proceeds are going towards stopping child trafficking and exploitation. After being called a “Lunatic Country Music Person” by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Morris unveiled a new shirt. The proceeds from the shirt go between the Trans Lifeline and GLAAD Transgender Media Program. 

The Feud Between Maren Morris & The Aldeans Continues

However, the feud didn’t stop there. Morris and Jason Aldean have been making jabs at each other since then. Aldean mentioned Morris at one of his concerts, which made the audience boo loudly. Meanwhile, Morris shared a meme of a “Lunatic Country Music Person” costume from Spirit.

Morris also said that she may not attend the CMA Awards because she didn’t feel comfortable following the spat between her and Brittany. “I’m very honored that my record is nominated,” she said at the time. “But I don’t know if I feel home there right now. So many people I love will be in that room, and maybe I’ll make a game time decision and go. But as of right now, I don’t feel comfortable going.”

It’s safe to say that while the exchange of words between Morris and Brittany has somewhat ended, the feud is long from over.