Jason & Brittany Aldean Win Halloween With Perfect ‘Anchorman’ Recreation

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)

Kicking off 2022 Halloween with some laughs, Jason and Brittany Aldean showed off this year’s costumes. The duo went as Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman.

“Breaking News,” Jason Aldean captioned the video. “Happy Halloween from Ron, Veronica, and the Channel 4 News Team. #Fakenews.” 

During the clip, Jason Aldean acts as Ron Burgundy while Brittany plays Veronica Corningstone from NashVegas. The duo started their broadcast by chatting about Luke Bryan eating out of a peanut butter jar. They then talk about the Aldeans, calling Jason a “wannabe” country singer. “I’ve heard of them before,” Jason said while in character. Brittany as Corningstone then shared that according to Brittany’s latest tweet she hates all animals. “What a b——,” Jason bluntly interrupted. Brittany then pointed out the next tweet said that the country artist’s wife loves dogs. “Sounds like a PR nightmare,” Brittany’s Corningstone chimed in.  

“I don’t know about dogs, but she has cute puppies,” Jason Aldean’s Ron said about real-life Brittany. They encouraged the actual country music couple to just “zip it.” They then went into the next story, this time about Kane Brown on TikTok. “Kids love the TikTok,” Jason said. Brittany said that the kids love when Kane Brown dances. “I don’t get it,” Jason added. 

The duo finished the broadcast by telling Nashville to stay country and woke. Brittany shared the same video and wrote, “Ron and Veronica here to bring you today’s completely unbiased Nashvegas news” as the caption. 

Jason and Brittany Aldean go all out during Halloween every year. Last year, they recreated icons Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. In 2020, they went as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Brittany previously shared a preview of the couple’s previous Halloween costumes. “The countdown to Halloween is on!!”

Maren Morris Pokes Fun at Brittany Aldean Feud With Costume Idea

As previously reported, Maren Morris took to her social media accounts late last week to poke fun at her ongoing feud with Jason Aldean’s wife with a hilarious Lunatic Country Music Person costume meme. 

The costume is inspired by the nickname Morris received from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over the social media feud between her and Jason Aldean’s wife. The costume includes a tambourine, inclusive fans, a pickleball paddle, a wig, and beef with transphobes. A tall guy, which references her husband and fellow country music singer Ryan Hurd, is not included with the costume. “S P O O K Y 🕷 S Z N,” Maren Morris declared in the post. Though, it appears that she may have removed the post.

However, Morris did not go as the Lunatic Country Music Person for this year’s Halloween. She and her friends went as The Righteous Gemstones. “The Righteous Gemstones have arrived,” she wrote on Instagram. “Praise be to He.”