Jelly Roll Fans React To His Heartbreaking News Announcing Death of Two Family Members

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Davis/WireImage)

For southern musician Jelly Roll, the last couple of weeks have not been ideal. He and his wife lost two family members recently. Fans are quick to support Jelly Roll and all he does, rap, rock, country music, doesn’t matter. So, you know they had his back when they heard the news about his nephew and his mother-in-law passing in recent days.

As one of the most mold-breaking artists in Nashville, Jelly Roll has played his own role his entire career. His wife, Bunnie DeFord is often seen in public with him. However, the last couple of weeks has been tough. The artist tweeted about playing shows and doing his job while also dealing with tough losses.

Folks were quick to offer kind words. There is a very dedicated fanbase for Jelly Roll. They are ride or die and always pull through. So, it’s no surprise the outpouring of affection and love that Jelly received. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

Fans Support Jelly Roll During Hard Time

Really, just looking at the replies and it is clear that Jelly Roll will always have fans. He has developed a style and sound all his own and that has definitely paid off. After he told his fans about losing his nephew and mother-in-law, the messages came in and they were touching.

“We love you [Jelly Roll and Bunnie] I said it on IG and Facebook, but I’m so thankful for your music and dedication to your fans. You’ve come so far from when I first saw you touring with ICP and Three 6 [Mafia]. I’m along for the ride til the wheels fall off,” said Bryan Arnold.

Like always, his fans found a connection with Jelly Roll.

“I needed this. I lost my baby girl not long ago and my world has stopped. Cancelled all my shows and everything. Now it’s time to get back at it. Thanks for some inspiration,” another person tweeted.

“You are a strong man,” someone else replied. “Good for your wife. We all need to be there for each other. One month into my first marriage I found that a 50/50 marriage is false. It has to equal 100. If one is off their game, the other carries their share and that of the spouse.”

For as long as he lives, I think Jelly Roll will have a dedicated fanbase ready to support him. Whether that means coming to shows or just offering some nice words online. It all helps artists connect with fans and put out a product that their fans will keep coming back for.