Jelly Roll Speaks Out About Finding ‘Peace of Mind’ Weeks After Two Tragic Deaths in Family

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Erika Goldring / Contributor

Southern rocker and rapper Jelly Roll has seen better days. In the last several weeks, the Tennessee native has seen his fair share of tragedy. Recently, he and his wife, Bunnie DeFord, lost two family members. Tennessee native has seen his fair of tragedy. Now, it seems like he’s having to come to terms with some hard realizations. The 37-year-old recently tweeted about having to let go of some “one-sided” relationships.

“My peace of mind is only going to come at the expense of cutting off some of my one sided friendships,” the rapper tweeted on Saturday.

After he tweeted, many of his fans replied, showing their support for Jelly Roll as he’s going through this tough time in his life.

“Don’t let people destroy your sense of well-being. Many people would rather see others fail than support them in their success. Keep ur head up, take a deep breath & keep moving forward. Know God is good & is with you. Stay strong,” wrote one concerned fan.

Jelly Roll makes red carpet debut at CMA Awards with his wife

Someone else added: “I feel that walking away is one of the hardest things to do especially with family! Stay strong and trust yourself.”

Despite the challenging times, Jelly Roll’s fans will always be there for him regardless of what he’s going through. When he lost his nephew and mother-in-law, his fans were first in line to show their support.

Even though he’s going through his own set of struggles, if there’s anything we know about Jelly Roll, it’s that he’s resilient. As a ground-breaking artist in the industry, he knows all about overcoming adversity. For instance, he had to fight to make a name for himself in Music City— and his hard work is finally starting to pay off. He and his wife made their red carpet debut when they went to the recent CMA Awards in Nashville.

Ahead of the event, Jelly Roll tweeted his excitement for the career-defining moment: “First red carpet today yall- crazy”

The “Son of a Sinner” singer also opened up to reporters before the milestone moment. “My first CMA, this is crazy,” he began. “I can’t believe I’m here. I’m waiting on the security to escort me out at any minute.”

He also gushed about his wife, saying, “My wife is gonna look like a human Barbie doll. She has got the most beautiful see-through pink floral dress I’ve ever seen. It’s the sexiest thing, with the gloves. So I’m gonna wear all black, like Johnny Cash, baby. I’m fixing to look like an over-sized Merle Haggard. It’s gonna be awesome.”

The pair recently shared a celebratory moment together when Jelly Roll headlined the Downtown Rocks festival in Las Vegas on October 15. The show was also extra special for Jelly Roll, as he met his wife in the same city seven years ago in 2015.