Jelly Roll Urges His Fans Not to ‘Allow People’ to ‘Divide Us’ Over ‘Bad Music’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for BMG/BBR Music Group)

One of the great things about music is the way it can bring a large group of people together. However, there’s often division when genres, such as country music and hip hop, are pitted against each other. As we ring in the holiday season this Thanksgiving, crossover artist Jelly Roll, whose name is actually Jason DeFord, took to social media, where he urged followers not to “allow people” to “divide us” over “bad music.” See his full post below.

“Good music is good music – and bad music is bad music,” Jelly Roll wrote on Twitter. “It’s subjective but please don’t allow people to further divide us by always compartmentalizing music into the boxes that the establishment created.”

He sagely advised, “If you like it , listen. If you don’t , then don’t.”

Jelly Roll’s post ignited some debate in the comments, which isn’t a surprise. Contemporary country music is often at the center of this good-versus-bad music argument, and followers hopped right in with their opinions—which represented both sides of the arguement.

“I see what you’re saying,” one person commented on Jelly Roll’s post, “but it burns my biscuits with this new country [music]. Some of it’s good, but it’s just not country music. Why not call it what it is? Pop Music.”

More cordially, they added, “Love your stuff and your life Brother. You’re an inspiration.”

A second Jelly Roll fan fired back, “If times have changed, then get a new watch.”

Others argued the latter extreme. A third Twitter user commented, “I concur but unfortunately the world is so opinionated and driven by ego that more often [than] not one must assert that they are right or wrong and why instead of letting you be you …your amazing jelly roll thank you.”

Jelly Roll Speaks Out About One-Sided Friendships Following Families Tragedies

Aside from asserting his place within the music industry, Jelly Roll is also coping with the loss of not one, but two, family tragedies in the scope of just weeks. Following the death of his nephew and his mother-in-law, Jelly Roll said “peace of mind” is only attainable by cutting off valueless friendships.

Taking to Twitter earlier this month, the singer wrote, “My peace of mind is only going to come at the expense of cutting off some of my one sided friendships.”

Again, Jelly Roll’s fans showed up in hordes to share their support. Some of them related to his post and spoke from experience.

“Never water anything that doesn’t grow,” one of the artist’s followers advised. Another added, “Never easy. Always necessary.”

One other fan empathized, writing, “Sometimes the only way to free yourself, is to let others go. Wishing the best for you bubba.”