Jenny Tolman Makes a Big Announcement with Her New Music Video

by Clayton Edwards

It has been a big year for Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jenny Tolman. In March, she released her phenomenal sophomore album Married In a Honky Tonk. In the same month, she married her longtime collaborator, producer, and best friend Dave Brainard. In June, Tolman rocked the Spotlight Stage at CMA Fest. Last week, Tolman announced that she and Brainard are expecting their first child.

Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard’s relationship bloomed from working together in the country music world. Through co-writing and recording, the pair became close. Then, after someone assaulted and hospitalized Brainard in Music City in 2015, Jenny realized just how much he meant to her. So, it is only fitting that they made the big announcement with a music video.

Jenny Tolman Made a Statement with Her Latest Video

On Friday, Jenny Tolman released the video for the song “Same Train as You” from Married In a Honky Tonk. Without the video, “Same Train as You” is a beautiful romantic song. However, when you add the carefully-crafted visuals, it becomes that much more touching.

In the video, we see shots from the couple’s winter wedding in Jackson, Wyoming. Clear skies and the snow-covered ground created the perfect backdrop for the happy couple. About halfway through the video, we see Jenny Tolman sporting a healthy baby bump and the singer-songwriter is absolutely glowing.

In an interview with People, Jenny Tolman said, “Dave and I are so thrilled to get to share the most exciting news of our lives!” She went on to talk about why they chose this song to make the announcement. “We wrote ‘Same Train As You’ during our second co-writing session together,” she revealed, “before we were together as a couple when we hardly even knew each other.” As a result, this song holds a special place in her heart. “It’s very special to now make this announcement with the song that foreshadowed so much of what was to come for the two of us.”

Living the Dream in Jennyville

Right now, Jenny Tolman is sitting on top of the world. She’s currently living out all of her biggest dreams. She told People, “There’s only two things I’ve ever wanted to be since I was a little girl – a singer and a mom. I am so grateful that I get to do both!”

Tolman definitely isn’t the only one who is excited to be starting a new family. Dave Brainard told People, “More than anything, I’m excited about having a family, especially knowing the kind of person their mother is going to be.

At the moment, Jenny Tolman is hitting the brakes on touring. However, she hopes to make it a family affair in the future. “I can’t wait to have a little cutie with the big ear-protector headphones on side-stage soon,” she said.

A big congratulations and hopes for a healthy baby and happy family go out from the Outsider team to Jenny Tolman, Dave Brainard, and the newest resident of Jennyville.