Jimmie Allen Says ‘American Idol’ Contestant Reminded Him of His ‘Purpose’

by Amy Myers

Country music star and Season 10 contestant Jimmie Allen returned to American Idol as a mentor and ended up meeting a contestant who reminded him about his purpose.

Recently, the American Idol Season 20 Top 24 met at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Kapolei, Hawaii to perform in front of a live audience as well as judges Lionel Richie, Katie Perry, and Luke Bryan and mentor Jimmie Allen. Prior to the performances, Allen set the mood of the competition, encouraging contestants to demonstrate their individuality.

“It’s all about finding out what you do special and what you can learn to apply to your own songwriting skills and vocal ability,” Allen said. “Let’s have fun, let’s try some new stuff, and let’s make some music.”

Many of the remaining contestants received glowing reviews from the panel, but there was one vocalist that stood out to Allen above all of the others. That was Virginia carpenter Mike Parker. Previously, Parker expressed how, as a fellow, incredibly talented Black country artist, Allen inspired Parker’s journey.

“The beginning of his journey is much similar to my journey right now, and he made me feel like there is a spot for me in country music,” Parker said in a prerecorded interview. “I’m going to remember this day until I leave this earth.”

Not surprisingly, this touching thought brought Allen to tears.

“My mom used to always tell me, ‘You’re not just doing this for you,’ ” Allen recalled. “Hearing you tell me that I’m an inspiration reminds me of my purpose.”

Check out the moment when Parker found out he would be working with Allen.

“Maaaan, @jimmieallen told me he was on tour in Texas!” Parker wrote on Instagram.
“Whole time he in the bushes.”

What Perry and Bryan Had to Say About the Artist That Reminded Jimmie Allen of His Purpose

Appropriately, Parker performed his rendition of Jimmie Parker’s “Best Shot,” and he won some impressive praise from the judges.

Watch his performance below.

First to comment was Luke Bryan, who was happy to just enjoy the American Idol participant’s presence on stage.

“Thank you for making me not have to judge. I got to sit back and really watch what we’ve kind of been telling you start coming all together,” Bryan said. “I could just enjoy the birth of you as an artist.”

Likewise, Katy Perry admired watching Parker’s artistry unfold throughout the season.

“This experience has helped you arrive,” she said. “It was all the things that we’ve been saying this whole season – all those ingredients – they were found in that song.”

In order to keep Mike Parker in the competition, American Idol watchers can text “7” to 21523⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣.