Joanna Cotten Announces She’s Leaving Eric Church’s Band

by Clayton Edwards

Last night, vocalist Joanna Cotten announced that she was leaving Eric Church’s band via social media. This comes after nearly a decade of Cotten adding her powerful vocals to Church’s live and recorded music. This is tough news for Chief and his fanbase. Cotten’s vocals helped to elevate many of the North Carolina native’s songs to a different level.

If you’ve seen Eric Church live in the past ten years, you’ve seen Joana Cotten belting alongside him. Additionally, you’ll hear her vocals on “Break It Kinda Guy” “Stick That in Your Country Song” “Heart on Fire” and more. In short, she was a powerful part of Church’s musical arsenal. However, Cotten stated that she’s moving on to work on a solo project.

In the statement, Cotten said, “I want to let you all know that I made the decision to take some time off after the Gather Again tour to focus on writing some new songs and have a time of rest & recovery.” Joanna went on to explain that it was supposed to be a temporary break but God had different plans.

Joanna Cotten went on to say, “I also want you all to know that your energy carried me through so many shows with Eric. What a run we had.” She went on to share her gratitude for her time with Church. “I am so grateful for the stages I sang on with him & the people I met along the way.”

Joanna Cotten isn’t stepping away from music, though. Instead, she’s working on her solo career. “I am very much looking forward to new solo music and ventures on the horizon,” she said. Cotten closed her statement by adding, “I love you guys and I’ll see you out there on the road before you know it.”

Joanna Cotten’s Solo Career

Joanna Cotten was signed to Warner Brothers Records, but her deal did not produce an album. The label released her debut single “The Prize” in 2007. The single didn’t have much impact and stalled at number 60 on the charts. In September, Warner Bros released her ep Funkabilly.  Then, in December of that year, Cotten walked away from Warner, according to Country Standard Time.

She has also self-released two full-length albums. In 2008, she dropped a full-length titled Funkabilly. Joanna Cotten released her self-titled album the next year.

According to her website, Funkabilly isn’t just an album title for Joanna Cotten – it’s how she describes her music. It is her unique blend of funk, blues, and country music.

About singing, she says, “I have to sing for people, that’s just the way it is. It’s like a beast inside of me that had to come out and it’s been that way since I was a baby girl.”